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· FORD 4.9L (300 cid) ENGINE PARTS

A selection of our NT replacement parts inventory is listed below.

All in stock items will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of order. Out-of-stock items will be shipped in 60-90 days. Terms are cash before delivery or credit pre-approved unless prior arrangements have been made with PTC Diesel Power-USA. Parts will be shipped FOB our warehouse in Fairfax, VA, unless prior arrangements have been made. Minimum orders for some items apply.


Part Number
PN-2965Flywheel NT-M without Gear
PN-4797Gear, Flywheel NH 17
PN-4851Gear, Flywheel NT-M 118 Teeth
PN-10483Clamp, V Band
PN-20961Fan, Air NTC-300, M11, V903
PN-41508Fan, V903
PN-43764Connector, Male
PN-43765Elbow, Male Adapter
PN-44678Cover, Spring, Fuel Pump NT855
PN-63842Washer, Flat
PN-65434Spacer, Mounting, NT
PN-66945Spacer, Mounting, NT
PN-67211Pin, Dowel NT
PN-68365Bushing, Oil Pump NT
PN-68513Pin, Cam Roller Valve NT
PN-69736Screw, Socket Set NTA
PN-70470Elbow, Tube Straight NT
PN-70550Pin, Dowel Accessory Drive NT
PN-70624O-ring Manifold NTA855
PN-70772Screw, Fuel Tubing NT855
PN-70778Spring, Injector
PN-70790Screw, Socket Head Cap
PN-100462Spacer, Fan NT
PN-101814Tube, Oil Gauge
PN-102020Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-102522Hose, Plain NT
PN-102827Seal, O-ring
PN-104215Switch, Toggle. NT
PN-105199Pin, Grove. NH/NT
PN-107738Socket, Cam Follower
PN-109333Valve, Pressure Regulator, NT
PN-110848Cooler, Oil V504,903 & NH / NT
PN-110855Gasket Pump
PN-112302Clip, Ring, Piston NT
PN-112408Washer, Plain
PN-113244Gear, Idler
PN-114580Spacer, Mounting Fuel Tube. NT
PN-115501Shaft, Water Pump
PN-116391Bushing, Accessory Drive NT855
PN-116936Elbow, Male Adapter, Oil Pump NT
PN-116982Lock Plate
PN-119363Gear, Fuel Pump
PN-119810Pin, Piston NT855 Air Compressor
PN-119859Ring, Snap, Compressor PLEASE USE 3558757
PN-120448Screw, Cap Flywheel NTA855
PN-121256Flywheel, NHC-250
PN-123558Guide, Valve NTA855
PN-124702Cap, Radiator NT
PN-125739Clamp, Bolt
PN-127554Collet, Valve NT
PN-127929Connection, Air Compressor
PN-127940Valve, Exhaust NT855 Air Compressor
PN-127950Gasket, Turbo
PN-128080Spring, NT855 Air Compressor
PN-129660Camshaft PLEASE USE 3801030
PN-129859Elbow, Tube To Boss. NT
PN-130117Manifold, NT855
PN-130118Manifold, Fluid Coolant
PN-130394Adapter, Manifold NT / NH
PN-130546Thermostat 160F
PN-134562Manifold, Center NH M-809
PN-135308Plate, Crossover NT855
PN-135597Flywheel, 15" Small Hole
PN-135957Valve, Intake
PN-137606Thermostat 180 Degrees
PN-137890Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-137972Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-138862Plunger, Idle Spring
PN-138887Valve Exhaust V903
PN-139586Spring, Fuel Pump Torque
PN-139668Cover, PTG Front
PN-141761Manifold, Intake NH/NT
PN-142234Gasket, Exhaust Manifold NTA-855 PLEASE USE 3020943
PN-142608Cooler, Oil NT-855 16
PN-142689Gear, Accessory Drive NT855
PN-142804Gear, Crankshaft NH/NT
PN-144714Seat, Exhaust Valve, Air Compressor
PN-144948Valve, Intake NT855 Air Compressor
PN-145505Seal, O-ring PLEASE USE 3042542
PN-145701Valve, Exhaust NT-Stellite
PN-146076Thermostat NTA-855 160° F
PN-146161Washer, Plain Oil Pump NT
PN-146483Screen, Fuel Pump
PN-147100Connection, Fuel Crossover NT
PN-149421Manifold, Exhaust Middle
PN-149628Cover, Access
PN-150631Spring, Compression
PN-151476Seat, Air Compressor PLEASE USE 144714
PN-151478Manifold, Exhaust Front NTC400
PN-151489Manifold, Exhaust Rear NTC400
PN-153238Spring, Governor
PN-153518Seal, O-ring
PN-153581Screw, Twelve Point Cap
PN-153582Screw, Twelve Point Cap
PN-153964Head, Cover NT855 Air Compressor
PN-154018Gasket, Cylinder Air Compressor
PN-154390Insert, Valve
PN-154916Gasket, Pump
PN-154996Gasket, Air Compressor PLEASE USE 3047159
PN-155787Connection, Air Compressor
PN-155789Hose, Plain Aftercooler
PN-156420Bearing, Turbo T46
PN-156444Seal, Ring Turbo
PN-157620Bearing, Conn. Rod V8-210 STD
PN-157621Bearing, Conn. Rod V8-210 0.010
PN-157622Bearing, Conn. Rod V8-210 0.020
PN-157623Bearing, Conn. Rod V8-210 0.030
PN-162426Spider, Accessory Drive
PN-165420Bearing, Turbo
PN-165430Piston, Comp. NT855 Air Compressor
PN-166009Spring, Compression NT
PN-168807Breather, NT
PN-170296Seat, Comp U NTA855
PN-170664Washer, Plain Accessory Drive
PN-176025Crankcase, Air Compressor
PN-179179Cooler, Oil 16 NT
PN-179904Clamp, Hose
PN-179922Hose, Plain Water Pump 22
PN-179924Hose, Plain
PN-179925Hose, Plain Water Pump 25
PN-179930Hose, Plain Water Pump 30
PN-180371Clip, NT
PN-180372Clip, NT
PN-181213Elbow, Pipe
PN-181449Seal, Liner NH220
PN-181466Washer, Lock
PN-183429Plate, Air Compressor
PN-183670Clamp, V Band
PN-184235Gasket, Compressor
PN-184400Liner, Cylinder W/Out Seals NHC220
PN-185138Cup, Retainer PTD
PN-185505Valve, Check
PN-186917Clamp, T Bolt
PN-186918Adapter, Manifold
PN-187420Bushing, Conn. Rod NT
PN-190227Housing, Turbine NT , T46
PN-190397Sleeve, Wear
PN-190849Gasket, Turbocharger NTA-855 PLEASE USE 3069177
PN-191772Screw, Twelve Point Cap
PN-191970Pin, Piston
PN-193736O-ring, Injector
PN-194504Switch, Oil Pressure NT855
PN-194505Switch, Thermostatic NT855
PN-194730Heat Exchanger, NT-855M *Marine PLEASE USE 3011108
PN-194921Manifold, Exhaust Rear NHC
PN-194923Manifold, Exhaust Front NHC
PN-195271Washer, Lock
PN-197032Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-199180Camshaft, V903
PN-199349Sleeve, Spline Air Compressor
PN-200354Insert, Intake Valve NT
PN-200488Connection, Crossover NT PLEASE USE 3043984
PN-200517Hose, Nonmetallic NH
PN-200566Manifold, Center NT-400
PN-200707Key, Plain Wood-Ruff NT/KT PLEASE USE 3021592
PN-200711Key, Camshaft NT
PN-200713Key, Camshaft PLEASE USE 3021594
PN-200809Gasket, Accessory Drive NT-855
PN-200919Strap, Straining NH
PN-201007Plug, Fuel Pump
PN-201737Thermostat NTA-855R 180° F Non-Vented
PN-202334Manifold, Fluid Coolant
PN-202376Housing, Bearing ST50
PN-202377Pad, Turbo Install T-46
PN-202503Turbine Housing, ST50 NT855-G3
PN-202586Connection, NH
PN-202890Manifold, NHC
PN-202994Hose, Plain
PN-203131Nut, Crosshead Adj.
PN-203170Liner, V903
PN-203660Bearing, Conn. Rod NH/NT STD.
PN-203661Bearing, Conn. Rod NH/NT 0.10
PN-203662Bearing, Conn. Rod NH/NT 0.20
PN-203670Bearing, Conn. Rod N743/NHC220 STD.
PN-203847Piston Ring Set V504
PN-204048Plate, Cover Oil Pump
PN-204244Turbine Housing,ST50 NTCC-400
PN-204275Clamp, Hose
PN-204587Tube, Dipstick NH./NT.
PN-204832Gear, Lub Pump NT
PN-204917Tube, Fuel Bypass
PN-205498Plug, Shreaded NT
PN-206668Elbow, Plain Pipe
PN-207373Cover, Camshaft NT
PN-208045Cap, Oil Filler =3418519
PN-208119Shaft, Idler NT
PN-208128Gasket, Thermostat Housing
PN-208134Impeller, Water Pump Small Cam
PN-208829Plate, Mounting
PN-209773Clamp, Hose PLEASE USE 3026806
PN-210722Cooler, Oil PLEASE USE 3021581
PN-210753Clamp, Hose
PN-210879Manifold, Exhaust Middle NH M939
PN-210879Manifold, Exhaust Middle NHC250
PN-210915Housing, Oil Cooler NT855
PN-211448Bracket, Angle NT
PN-211657Pipe, Crossover NT
PN-211918Pulley, NT-400
PN-211999Spring, Valve
PN-212013Head, Filter NT855M
PN-212600Cover, Fuel Pump NTC400 PLEASE USE 3063054
PN-212601Shaft, Tachometer NT
PN-212602Gear, Fuel Pump
PN-212605Gear, Gov Drive AFC
PN-213326Pulley, Alternator
PN-213485Tube, Water Transfer NT
PN-213559Socket, Cam Follower NT
PN-213806Shaft, Turbine Wheel NT
PN-214086Turbine Shaft & Wheel =3025390
PN-214154Cover, Aftercooler NT855 =3046170
PN-214836Aftercooler, NTC1710 NTL855 -Belly Band Style
PN-214862Housing, Turbo Press VT50
PN-214950Bearing, Conn. Rod STD. NT
PN-214951Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.010 NT
PN-214952Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.020 NT
PN-214953Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.030 NT
PN-214954Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.040 NT
PN-215039Connection, Water Outlet, Aftercooler =3013295
PN-215041Tube, Water Transfer =218028
PN-215044Gasket, Turbo
PN-215090Seal, Liner NT
PN-215233Bearing, Thrust
PN-215390Pin, Piston V903
PN-215397Pulley, Water Pump Idler NTC
PN-215870Crosshead Valve V903
PN-215871Crosshead Valve V903
PN-215966Gear, Camshaft =3002901
PN-215997Pulley, Acces Drive Assy =3016013
PN-216165Cover, Rear Flywheel Housing NT
PN-216702Oil Pan, 3655417=213759
PN-216802Sleeve, Turbo ST50/ T46
PN-216804Plate, Oil Seal Support, Turbocharger ST50 / T46
PN-217323Damper, Viscous Vibration NTA =3101655
PN-217638Belt, Ribbed NT
PN-217795Housing, Fuel Pump =3058548
PN-217929Push Rod, PLEASE USE 3046420
PN-218754Cooler, Oil NT fits Komatsu Application
PN-218793Head, Air Compressor PLEASE USE 3558762
PN-219153Bolt, Conn. Rod NT-BC1
PN-3000171Shaft, Accessory Drive NT855
PN-3000174Hub, Spline NT855 Air Compressor
PN-3000175Hub, Jaw Accessory Drive NT-855
PN-3000446Cover, AFC Throttle Shaft
PN-3000465Nut, Lock
PN-3000508Tube, Connector Dipstick =3655211
PN-3000560Elbow, Plain Adapter Brass NTC350 45 Degrees
PN-3000888Impeller, Water Pump Cast Iron
PN-3002171Support, Fuel Pump NT
PN-3002617Impeller, PLEASE USE 3000888
PN-3002731Impeller, Water Pump
PN-3003536Coupling, Elbow Turbo NT
PN-3003814Cooler, Oil NT855M
PN-3003834Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50 PLEASE USE 3803042
PN-3003835Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50 PLEASE USE 3803042
PN-3004165Crankshaft, PLEASE USE 3608833
PN-3004316Seal, Accessory Drive NT-855
PN-3004967Cooler, Oil NT PLEASE USE 3003814
PN-3005131Accessory Drive Assembly, NT =3016735
PN-3005133Accessory Drive Assembly, NT
PN-3005183Oil Pan, NTA-M =3655417
PN-3005507Pulley, Water Pump PLEASE USE 3025935
PN-3005545Housing, Flywheel NTC
PN-3005557Housing, Flywheel NT-855 Marine
PN-3005589Spacer, Fan Pilot NT
PN-3006183Cover, Rocker Lever NT
PN-3006340Shaft, Rocker Arm NT
PN-3006349Cover, Rocker Lever NT
PN-3006358Cover, Rocker Lever NT
PN-3006736Seal, Crankshaft Front NT 2 LIPS
PN-3006737Seal, Crankshaft Rear NT 1 LIP
PN-3006745Seal, Oil Cooler O-ring NT
PN-3006774Support, Alternator NT
PN-3007111Hub, Timing NT
PN-3007715Housing, Flywheel NTC360 =3036007
PN-3007716Cylinder Head, Bare NT
PN-3007725Housing, Flywheel NTC350
PN-3007821Mtg Accessory Drive NT855
PN-3008089Cylinder Head, Bare
PN-3008101Cylinder Head Assembly
PN-3008590Manifold, NTA-855M=3419130
PN-3008591Gasket, Intake Manifold Cover NTA855
PN-3008595Breather, Crankcase NHC250
PN-3008690Clamp, Hose
PN-3008947Seal, Keyway Accessory Drive NT855
PN-3009459Kit, Tube Bypass
PN-3009461Cover, Head Plate NT855M
PN-3010093Housing, Fuel Pump NT855
PN-3010150Bearing, Ball Water Pump
PN-3010321Pulley, Crankshaft NT-855 Marine
PN-3010550Clamp, Hose NT
PN-3011262Impeller, Compressor ST50 NTCC-400
PN-3011408Cylinder Block, NT-M350
PN-3012483Screw Cap, V28
PN-3012527Connection, Oil Suction NT / KT
PN-3012532Shaft, Oil Pump NT
PN-3012537Cup, Injection
PN-3012649Hub, Fan Assembly NT855
PN-3012666Hub, Fan Assembly NT855
PN-3012667Fan Hub, Assembly NTC350
PN-3012726Plug, Retainer, Oil Pump
PN-3012728Pump, Oil NT PLEASE USE 3821579
PN-3012993Impeller, Turbocharger
PN-3013002Manifold, Fluid NH/NT
PN-3013114Connection, Air Intake NT
PN-3013160Housing, Termostat
PN-3013330Pin, Cam Roller, Inj. NT
PN-3013335Pulley, Accs. Dr. NT.
PN-3013336Pulley, Cone, 3 Groove, NT
PN-3013610Housing, Thermostat NTA-855M
PN-3013612Housing, Thermostat NTA-855G, C
PN-3013623Bolt, Head, NTA855 Big Cam
PN-3013930Connecting Rod, NTA III
PN-3014103Washer, Accs/Drive. Plain. NT855
PN-3014614Gear, Helical NTA855
PN-3014777Cover, Oil Pump NT
PN-3014778Gasket, Cover Oil Pump NT
PN-3014783Gear, Lub Pump NT
PN-3014784Gear, Oil Pump, NT
PN-3014787Gear, Oil Pump, NT
PN-3014967Gear, Lub Pump NT
PN-3015235Volmeter NTA855
PN-3015283Screw, Air-Inlet, NH / NT
PN-3015723Pump, Oil NT PLEASE USE 3821579
PN-3015954Fuel Pump, NT855
PN-3017062Gasket, Head V504
PN-3017349Piston NT270
PN-3017544Pin, Cam Roller, NT
PN-3017750Gasket, Housing NTA855
PN-3017759Insert, Valve NTA85-G4
PN-3017963Hose, Flexible, NT
PN-3018049Lever, Cam Follower NH/NT
PN-3018052Cam Follower Assy SC
PN-3018063Housing, Compressor NT
PN-3018064Compressor Housing, NT
PN-3018067Turbocharger, NTC290 T-46
PN-3018068Turbocharger, NTC855 T-46
PN-3018151Connecting Rod, NT855 Air Compressor
PN-3018453Valve, Shut Off. NT.
PN-3018527Air Compressor, NT855
PN-3018532Air compressor, V903
PN-3018563Air Compressor, NHC250
PN-3018686Crossover, Air Intake PLEASE USE 3043984
PN-3018692Cooler, Oil BC
PN-3019733Bushing, Rocker Level, M11
PN-3020523VS. Spring Pack N855
PN-3020943Gasket, Exhaust Flange NH/NT
PN-3021477Connection, Thermostat NT
PN-3021526Nut, Flange. NH
PN-3021581Cooler, Oil NT-855 12
PN-3021592Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021592Key, Plain Wood-Ruff NT/KT
PN-3021593Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021594Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021595Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021596Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021597Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021598Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021599Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021600Key, Camshaft NT
PN-3021727Flywheel W/Gear NTA855C
PN-3021961Fuel Pump, Variable Speed NTC350
PN-3021977Cover, Spring, Fuel Pump NT/K19
PN-3022474Pump, Water NTA855 PLEASE USE 3801788
PN-3022589Screw, Oil Pump NT
PN-3022590Screw, Oil Pump NT
PN-3022963Flywheel W/Gear NT855
PN-3023079Cooler, Oil N14
PN-3023129Seal, Dust
PN-3023177Camshaft, NT
PN-3023228Camshaft, NHC220
PN-3023473Pulley, Accsessory Drive NT
PN-3023510Flywheel, W/Gear 2965+4851 NTA-855M
PN-3024365Air Compressor, NT
PN-3024365Air Compressor, NT855
PN-3024523Housing, Gear Pump NTC400
PN-3024666Tube, Water Transfer. NT
PN-3024709Seal Ring, Water Manifold, NT
PN-3025390Turbo Wheel W/Shaft ST50
PN-3025517Camshaft, BC III =3026972
PN-3025518Camshaft, NT
PN-3025935Pulley, Water Pump NTC300
PN-3026168Filter Base, W/Damper NT855
PN-3026557Thrust Washer, Accs. Drive NT/KT
PN-3026806Clamp, For 3009459 Kit
PN-3026913Clamp, T
PN-3026924Turbocharger, NTC855 T-46
PN-3026972Camshaft, BC III =3025517
PN-3026975Camshaft, NT855
PN-3027305Compressor Housing, Turbocharger ST50 NT855-G3
PN-3027306Compressor Housing, Turbocharger ST50 NTCC-400
PN-3027421Pump, Oil NT / NH / N14
PN-3027460Support, Oil Cooler NT
PN-3027704Turbocharger, VT1710 T-46
PN-3028293Packing With Retainer. Water Pump. NT
PN-3028294Packing With Retainer. Water Pump. NT
PN-3028434Kit, Liner K19=3202240+3011076+3081489
PN-3028513Flywheel, W/Gear 121256+4797 ,NT/NH-C =AR51252
PN-3028552Valve Body
PN-3028967Screw, C. NT
PN-3028977Core, Aftercooler
PN-3028997Inter Cooler NT350/400
PN-3029085Link, Adj. NT
PN-3030038Valve, Crosshead Assy NTA855
PN-3030267Cover, Fuel Pump Front NT/K19
PN-3030274Front Cover, Fuel Pump, N855
PN-3030889Pulley, Crank NTC300
PN-3031156Block, Cylinder NTA855-M350 =3032187
PN-3031186Muffler, Exhaust M915= 3011339=3015871
PN-3031187Manifold, Exhaust NTC400=3011340=3015872
PN-3031227Piston, N14
PN-3031298AFC Assembly NT855
PN-3031560Hose, Plain NT
PN-3031959Oil Pan, 855
PN-3032060Turbocharger, NT855 ST50
PN-3032062Turbocharger, NTCC400 VTCC1710 ST50
PN-3032187Block, Cylinder NTA855-M350 =3031156
PN-3032733Governor, Control NT-855-G
PN-3032861Gasket, Oil Pan =3032861 =3068463
PN-3032872Union, Male
PN-3032874Seal, Liner NT
PN-3033292Socket Tappet, Cam Follower NH
PN-3033414Fan, Cooling NT855
PN-3033677Seal, Water Pump NT/VTA903-T
PN-3033822Capscrew, Captive
PN-3034203Hose, Plain NT
PN-3034239Gear Pump, NT855
PN-3034438Dowel Pin Accs. Drive NT855
PN-3034526Bolt, Oil Pump, NT855
PN-3034736Seal, Ring Turbo NT
PN-3034992Aftercooler Assembly, NTA855
PN-3035342Shutdown Valve NT
PN-3036007Housing, Flywheel NTC360 =3036007
PN-3036125Cover, Gear NT
PN-3036453Switch, Overspeed All models
PN-3036811Housing, Bottom Aftercooler NT855M
PN-3036933Roller, Valve NT
PN-3036934Roller, Cam Follower
PN-3037045Dowel Ring NT855
PN-3037359Governor Control, NT855
PN-3038267Piston N14
PN-3038745Bearing, Housing, Turbocharger ST50
PN-3038904Shaft, Rocker Arm NT
PN-3039524Magnetic Pick Up NT
PN-3040762Plunger, Governor NT
PN-3040830Valve, Exhaust NT
PN-3040878Clamp, N14
PN-3041992Cylinder Head, NT855
PN-3041993Cylinder Head
PN-3041994Cylinder Head Assembly NT
PN-3042115Pump, PT NTA855
PN-3042225Fuel Pump, NTC350 Variable Speed
PN-3042320Piston Kit NT
PN-3042378Pump, Oil NH
PN-3042387Pump, Oil NH PLEASE USE 3042378
PN-3042478Pump, Oil NTA855
PN-3042568Camshaft, NT
PN-3042745Seat, Valve NTA855
PN-3043984Crossover, Air Intake
PN-3044195Governor Control, NT855
PN-3044196Governor Control, NT855
PN-3044764Camshaft, NT855G4
PN-3044767Camshaft, NT855 BC IV =3801668
PN-3044795Seal, Liner Crevice V903
PN-3044939Elbow, Male NT
PN-3045194Gear, Lub Pump NT
PN-3045281Fuel Pump, NTA855M350
PN-3045483Cooler, Oil Big Cam III=3412285
PN-3045801Impeller, Water Pump NT-855
PN-3046170Housing, Top Aftercooler NT855
PN-3046281Nozzle, Fuel Inj. NH
PN-3046298Body, Unloading Valve, Compressor
PN-3046420Push Rod, Injector NT
PN-3046430Push Rod, Valve NT
PN-3046760Cylinder Head, NT300
PN-3047159Gasket, Compressor NT
PN-3047395Guide, Valve Spring NT
PN-3047402Gasket, Head NT-855
PN-3048254Pump, PT-Fuel NT855C3
PN-3048650Piston, 15.5:1, CPL=413 NT/NHC250
PN-3048808Piston, NT855
PN-3049000Thermostat NT855
PN-3049018Cover, Rear N14
PN-3049024Camshaft, NT
PN-3049175Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap NT
PN-3049186Air Compressor, NTA855
PN-3049869Fuel Pump, PT(G)-VS-AFS
PN-3050366Piston, NT855
PN-3050394Shaft, Water Pump NT
PN-3051132Camshaft, BC
PN-3051427Bolt, NT
PN-3051555Piston NT
PN-3051556Piston NTC400
PN-3051557Piston, NT855
PN-3052170Housing, NT855
PN-3052504Actuator, Governor
PN-3052514Cooler, Oil N14
PN-3052534Cover, Front Gear NT
PN-3052557Piston, NT
PN-3052776Air Compressor, NT
PN-3052859Manifold, Exhaust NT
PN-3053060Circuit Board
PN-3053061Circuit Board
PN-3053065Circuit Board
PN-3053129Gear, Camshaft NT855
PN-3053294Fuel Pump, Variable Speed NTC350
PN-3053393Cooler, Oil Assembly N-855, BC III
PN-3053476Rocker Arm, Exhaust Valve NH/NT
PN-3053478Lever, Rocker INJ. =3418858
PN-3053479Lever, Rocker, =3418857
PN-3053525Camshaft, NT BC IV PLEASE USE 3608786
PN-3054228Injector, NTC- 300
PN-3054609Coil, 24V One Terminal
PN-3054948Ring, Liner Seal
PN-3055099Liner, N14
PN-3055146Bushing, Conn. Rod N14
PN-3056138Hose, Plain NT
PN-3056568Level, Cam Follower NT
PN-3057817Fuel Pump, NTC350
PN-3058100Retainer, Valve Upper NT
PN-3058347Gasket Head V28
PN-3058548Housing, Fuel Pump NT400
PN-3058645Cover, Front Gear NT
PN-3059651PT Fuel Pump NT855G1
PN-3060170Housing, Fuel Pump NT400
PN-3060173Housing, Fuel Pump NT
PN-3060180PT Pump NT855
PN-3061117Fuel Pump, NT
PN-3061891Camshaft, NT855
PN-3062096Roller, Camfollower NT
PN-3063054Cover, Fuel Pump NTC400
PN-3063510Actuator, Governor
PN-3063824Pulley, Accs. Drive NT855
PN-3064205Key, Camshaft V903
PN-3064209Support, Thermostat NT
PN-3064281Seal, Valve Stem
PN-3064305Retainer, Piston N14/V28
PN-3064347Retainer, Valve Head NT
PN-3064389Shaft, Water Pump N14
PN-3064919Pulley, Water Pump NT855
PN-3066328Shaft, Idler N14
PN-3066498Screw, Cap
PN-3066499Screw, Cap
PN-3066842Cooler, Oil B C IV =A3412285 BC III
PN-3067461Screw, C. NT855
PN-3067613Gasket, Oil Pump to Block NH/NT
PN-3067618Gasket, Gear Cover N14
PN-3067891Sensor, N14
PN-3068443Cover, Front Gear NT
PN-3068460Pump, Oil N14
PN-3068463Gasket, Pan NT
PN-3069103Seal, Fuel Pump N14
PN-3069177Gasket, Turbo NT
PN-3069677Cooler, Oil N14
PN-3069833Pump, Oil NT14
PN-3070453Camshaft, STC N14=3087650
PN-3070837Camshaft, V28
PN-3070838Camshaft, V28
PN-3071147Sleeve, Injector NT855
PN-3071160Hose, NT855
PN-3071453Rocker Box NT
PN-3071491Injector, STC NT
PN-3073346Gear, Oil Pump, NT
PN-3074196Pump, Oil N14
PN-3074375Shaft, Rocker Level N14
PN-3074376Shaft, Rocker N14
PN-3075882Fuel Pump, NT
PN-3076146Cover, Gear NT
PN-3076346Sleeve, Wear Accsessory Drive NT
PN-3076500Shaft, Acc. Drive N14
PN-3076820Piston, V903 = 3803928
PN-3077770Pump, Oil NT
PN-3078151Sensor, POS CAM N14
PN-3078310Gear, Accessory Drive N14
PN-3078407Cooler, Oil N14
PN-3080809Actuator, Governor
PN-3081224Cylinder Head, NT855
PN-3081248Roller, Follower NT
PN-3081251Cam Follower Housing NT
PN-3081283Block, Cylinder NT
PN-3082522Nozzle, Oil N14
PN-3083932Camshaft, N14
PN-3085218Actuator, Governor
PN-3087650Camshaft, N14
PN-3090742Actuator, Governor
PN-3095739Piston NT855
PN-3096208Camshaft, V28
PN-3096209Camshaft, V28
PN-3099083Gasket, Oil Pan NTM
PN-3101655Damper, Vibration NT
PN-3112666Hub, Fan Assy NTA855
PN-3150032Pulley, NT
PN-3165267Flywheel Housing, Casting Iron NT855
PN-3165355PT Fuel Pump NT855
PN-3165356PT Fuel Pump NT855
PN-3165385PT Fuel Pump NT855
PN-3165399Fuel Pump, NT855 PT
PN-3165437Fuel Pump, D80/D85 PT
PN-3165468PT Pump NTA855C280
PN-3165660PT Fuel Pump NT855
PN-3165661Fuel Pump, NT855 PT
PN-3165692PT Fuel Pump NTA855
PN-3165795Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3176598Cap, Oil Filler NHC250
PN-3179935Pulley, Alternator NT
PN-3231664Manifold, Exhuast NT
PN-3250527Cooler, Oil NT
PN-3250634Hose, NT855
PN-3251063Adapter, Hose NT Marine
PN-3251064Adapter, Hose NT Marine
PN-3251188Flywheel with Gear D85/50
PN-3253952Piston, NT
PN-3255280Gear Housing, With Bushing NT/N14
PN-3261946PT(G) EFC Fuel Pump NTA855
PN-3262030PT(G)EFC Fuel Pump NTA855
PN-3262033Fuel Pump, NTAC360 PT(G)VS-AFC
PN-3262175Fuel Pump, PT(G)VS
PN-3262582PT(G)VSAFC Pump NTA855
PN-3262778Fuel Pump, NTA855C310 PT(G)AFC
PN-3263592PT(G)Vs Pump Assy NTA855
PN-3263593Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G)AFC
PN-3264000Fuel Pump, NTA290 PT(G)AFC
PN-3264282Fuel Pump, N-M270 PT(G)AFC
PN-3264283Fuel Pump, NT855-M240 PT(G)AFC
PN-3264582Fuel Pump, N-M350 PT
PN-3264686Fuel Pump, N-C335 PT
PN-3264705Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G)
PN-3265173Camshaft, NTA855G3
PN-3267978Fuel Pump, NTC350 PT(G) AFC
PN-3275137Cap, Oil Pump V504
PN-3277332Bushing, Conn. Rod V504
PN-3277462Camshaft, V555 Small Cam
PN-3277753Gasket Set, Lower V8-210
PN-3278723Ring Set, V500
PN-3279561Fuel Pump NT855G3 PT
PN-3303869Pump, Oil N14
PN-3325495Shaft, NT
PN-3326141Spacer, Crank NTA855C
PN-3328331SEE 3899378
PN-3328951Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3347530Fuel Pump, F PT
PN-3347539Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3351284Housing, Front Gear NT855
PN-3356511Fuel Pump, NT AFC1.25
PN-3406702Sleeve, Injector NT
PN-3408324Actuator, Governor
PN-3408326Actuator, Governor
PN-3408328Actuator, Governor
PN-3411458Cover, Gear NT
PN-3411805Cylinder Head, NT B.C.III IV
PN-3412285Cooler, Oil Big Cam III=3045483
PN-3413091Cooler, Oil N14
PN-3417810Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3418103Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3418519Plug, Oil Filing NT/KT
PN-3418529Cylinder Head, NT855
PN-3418659Cover, Gear NTC
PN-3418660Cam Follower Assembly, NT
PN-3418678Cylinder Head, NT
PN-3418712Head Assy, Cylinder NTA855M
PN-3418732Rocker Box NT
PN-3418763Filter Base, NT-855 Marine =212013
PN-3418764Fan, Cooling, NT-855G2/G3=3033414
PN-3418803Cover, Gear NT-855 Marine
PN-3418949Crankshaft, NTA C360
PN-3419103Fuel Pump, NTA855G1 PT(G) EFC
PN-3419130Manifold, NTA-855M =3008590
PN-3419215Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G) VS AFC
PN-3419216Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G) VS AFC
PN-3419217Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G) VS AFC
PN-3419260PT Fuel Pump NTA855 M300
PN-3419261Fuel Pump, NTA855 PT(G) VS AFC
PN-3419407Fuel Pump, PT
PN-3419433Fuel Pump, NH220-C
PN-3419462Fuel Pump, VTA1710C-700HP
PN-3419467Fuel Pump, NT855C - Komatsu D85-18
PN-3419499Fuel Pump, PT Pump
PN-3464705Fuel Pump, NTA855-G2 250KW
PN-3522040Turbocharger, HT3B NT855
PN-3522041Turbocharger, NT855
PN-3522075Turbine Wheel & Shaft HT3B
PN-3522740Housing, Bearing HT3B
PN-3522865Turbocharger, HT3B N14
PN-3522867Turbocharger, HT3B
PN-3522967Turbocharger HT3B
PN-3529032Turbocharger, HT3B
PN-3529040Turbocharger, HT3B
PN-3531730Housing, Turbine HT3B
PN-3537074Turbocharger, HT60
PN-3555041Fuel Pump, PT Pump
PN-3558653Crankcase, Air Compressor
PN-3558754Ring, Snap, Compressor PLEASE USE 3558757
PN-3608786Camshaft, NT855 BC IV =3053525=3801951
PN-3608833Crankshaft, NT855 Snubbed
PN-3609824Gear, Oil Pump, N14
PN-3609832Pump, Oil N14
PN-3655015Fuel Pump, NT855-C280
PN-3655044Fuel Pump, NT855-C280 for D85
PN-3655045Fuel Pump, NT855-C
PN-3655100Fuel Pump, NTA855-M240
PN-3655101Fuel Pump, NTA855-M270
PN-3655107Fan, 34 NT855-G4
PN-3655110Fan, 32 NTA-855
PN-3655165Connection, Fuel Suction NT
PN-3655169Fuel Pump, NTA280 D80A-12
PN-3655196Oil Pan, NT855
PN-3655213Fuel Pump, NT855C-250
PN-3655214Fuel Pump, NTA855-P400
PN-3655215Fuel Pump, NTC-290
PN-3655223Fuel Pump, NT855-M300
PN-3655280Fuel Pump, NTA855-C250
PN-3655323Fuel Pump, NTA855-G1 200KW
PN-3655378Lever, Valve, Cam Follower NT
PN-3655379Fuel Pump, NTA855-G2 250KW
PN-3655785Rocker Arm, NH
PN-3655786Rocker Arm, NH
PN-3655857Pump, Sea Water NT855M=3010328
PN-3655859Heat Exchanger, CopperNikel PLEASE USE 210 TUBE PN 3011108
PN-3655889Fuel Pump, NTA855-C400
PN-3655898Fuel Pump, NT855-C280
PN-3655949Fuel Pump, NTA855-C280
PN-3680595Cooler, Oil APEX
PN-3800855Camshaft, STC N14
PN-3801030Camshaft, NH / N743
PN-3801047Camshaft, NT
PN-3801056Ring Set, NT855
PN-3801057Kit, Piston NT 15.0:1 =3017348+175755
PN-3801096Kit, Turbocharger
PN-3801097Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50 PLEASE USE 3803042
PN-3801098Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50 PLEASE USE 3803042
PN-3801101Kit, Turbocharger NT855
PN-3801106Kit, Camshaft Bushing NT
PN-3801235Gasket Set, Lower NT
PN-3801260Bearing Set, Main NT855 STD.
PN-3801261Bearing Set, Main NT855 0.010 O/S +0.25 mm
PN-3801262Bearing Set, Main NT855 0.020 O/S +0.50 mm
PN-3801263Bearing Set, Main NT855 0.030 O/S +0.75 mm
PN-3801264Bearing Set, Main NT855 0.040 O/S +1.00 mm
PN-3801315Cylinder Block, NT-M350 =3032187
PN-3801330Gasket Set, Upper NTA855
PN-3801377Kit, Water Pump NT
PN-3801433Shaft, Rocker NT PLEASE USE 3038904 ASSEMBLY
PN-3801463Gasket Set, Lower
PN-3801468Gasket Set, Lower NT BCI II
PN-3801523Bearing, Turbo NT
PN-3801658Gasket Set, Lower V8-210
PN-3801668Camshaft, NT855 BC III-1/2 =3044767
PN-3801703Piston Kit, NH =3048650+….+3801795 Cyl Kit
PN-3801708Pump, Water Assembly BC IV
PN-3801712Kit, Water Pump NTA855G4
PN-3801715Pump, Water BC IV
PN-3801743Block, Cylinder NT BC IV =3032187
PN-3801744Kit, Piston NT =3050480+…. NT400
PN-3801749Camshaft, NT855 BC IV STC
PN-3801755Ring Set, N855 Premium Plus PLEASE USE 3803471
PN-3801763Camshaft, NT855 BC
PN-3801804Kit, Water Pump
PN-3801819Kit, Piston NT855 14.0:1
PN-3801826Kit, Cylinder Liner =213740+…
PN-3801918Turbocharger HT4C
PN-3801935Turbocharger NT855G1 ST50
PN-3801942Turbocharger NTC
PN-3801951Camshaft, BC IV
PN-3801953Piston Assembly BC IV PLEASE USE 3803344
PN-3801960Turbocharger NTA855
PN-3803042Kit, Turbocharger, T-46, ST-50
PN-3803108Turbocharger NT855-FFC
PN-3803138Pump, Water =3803030 NT-88
PN-3803369Pump, Oil N14
PN-3803425Camshaft, N14
PN-3803428Kit, Piston N14 =3068506+…
PN-3803471Ring Set, NT Premium
PN-3803502Block, Cylinder NT855
PN-3803512Valve, Intake NT855
PN-3803524Valve, Exhaust NT
PN-3803560Camshaft, NT400
PN-3803561Gasket Set, Lower V903
PN-3803614Kit, Water Pump N14
PN-3803698Pump, Oil N14
PN-3803716Gasket Set, Upper N14
PN-3803726Valve, Exhaust N14
PN-3803738Camshaft, N14
PN-3803741Kit, Piston N14
PN-3803756Piston Assembly N14
PN-3803770Valve, Exhaust N14-91
PN-3803902Camshaft, N14
PN-3803904Camshaft, BC IV
PN-3803928Piston Kit V903
PN-3804354Cylinder Kit
PN-3804418Piston Assembly NT855 14.0:1
PN-3804500Ring Set, Piston N14
PN-3804633Pump, Oil N14
PN-3818270Hose, Flexible NT-M
PN-3820664Hose, Plain NT
PN-3820951Gear, Oil Pump, NT
PN-3821572Pump, Oil NT BC I II =3821575
PN-3821575Pump, Oil NT BC I II =3821572
PN-3821577Housing, Oil Pump NT
PN-3821578Pump, Oil Assembly NT BC IV PLEASE USE 3821579
PN-3821579Pump, Oil Assembly NT BC IV
PN-3844464Cooler, Oil ISL
PN-3865153Pump, Oil N14
PN-3865157Belt, Water Pump N14
PN-3874663Manifold, Exhaust Rear PLEASE USE 151489
PN-3874665Manifold, Exhaust Middle PLEASE USE 200566
PN-3912145Heat Exchanger, CopperNikel
PN-3944464Cooler, Oil ISL
PN-4000641Aftercooler, V903 Dual
PN-4019516Core, Heat Exchanger N14
PN-4024946Gasket Set, Upper NTA855G4
PN-4025155Gasket, Head N14
PN-4025955Camshaft, STC N14=3087650
PN-4055159Gasket, Head NT
PN-4058790Gasket, Head N14
PN-4060788Housing, Flywheel NT855 Casting Iron
PN-4061204Housing, Flywheel NTA855 Casting Iron
PN-4089161Block, Cylinder
PN-AR06674Cylinder Kit, NHC250
PN-AR10172Pump, Oil NT855
PN-AR10922Crank, Compressor NT855 Air Compressor
PN-AR11930Ring Set, V903
PN-AR51252Flywheel, W/Gear 121256+4797 ,NT/NH-C =3028513
PN-AR51299Air Compressor, NHC 250 M809
PN-AR51360Pump, Water NH
PN-AR8069Kit, Liner V903 (Includes Seal Kit)
PN-AR9834Pump, Oil NH PLEASE USE 3042378
PN-BM95161Arm, Rocker NH
PN-BM95162Arm, Rocker NH
PN-BM98224Kit, Liner With Seals NH220= 184400+181449+215983
PN-3014754Washer, Plain NT/K19

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