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· FORD 4.9L (300 cid) ENGINE PARTS

A selection of our 4BT & 6BT replacement parts inventory is listed below.

All in stock items will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of order. Out-of-stock items will be shipped in 60-90 days. Terms are cash before delivery or credit pre-approved unless prior arrangements have been made with PTC Diesel Power-USA. Parts will be shipped FOB our warehouse in Fairfax, VA, unless prior arrangements have been made. Minimum orders for some items apply.


Part Number
PN-3021704Gasket, Gear Cover
PN-3026396Clamp, Hose, Turbocharger
PN-3033033Clamp, Hose, Turbocharger
PN-3056344Switch, Pressure 6BT/KT
PN-3278173Guide, Valve 4BT/6BT
PN-3279245Hose, Plain 6BT
PN-3281504Hose, Flexible
PN-3282759Connection, Tube
PN-3282805Gasket, Head
PN-3282875Support, Fan 6BT
PN-3282999Gasket, Head 4BT
PN-3283179Camshaft, 6BTAA
PN-3283306Tube, CPR Water Outlet
PN-3283333Gasket, Head 4BT
PN-3283335Gasket, Cylinder Head 6BT
PN-3283339Gasket, Cylinder Head 6BT
PN-3283517Fuel Pump, 6BTAA-220HP CPL#2249
PN-3283570Gasket, Head 6BT
PN-3283589Termostat, ADJUSTABLE Temperature, 6BT
PN-3284377Push Rod, 6BT
PN-3285410Pump, Water 6BT WP9031/6CT
PN-3286275Kit, Water Pump 6BT
PN-3286277Pump, Water B-Series
PN-3355027Head, Fuel Filter 6BT
PN-3356006Fuel Pump, 6BT A-Inline =3913902
PN-3415317Hose, Flexible
PN-3415318Hose, Flexible
PN-3415355Fuel Pump, Inline WX 4BT
PN-3415396Hose, Flexible
PN-3415396Hose, Flexible B&C
PN-3415457Tube, Air/Fuel Control
PN-3415471Hose, Flexible
PN-3415477Tube, Air/Fuel Control
PN-3415508Hose, Flexible
PN-3415562Tube, Fuel Drain
PN-3519409Housing, Turbo H1C
PN-3519807Gasket, Turbocharger B Series
PN-3521863Impeller, Turbo Compressor 4BT
PN-3522777Turbocharger 6BT H1C
PN-3522778Turbocharger 6BT
PN-3522900Turbocharger, 4BT
PN-3523294Turbocharger 6BT
PN-3523318Rotor Assembly = Wheel+Shaft+Compressor H1C
PN-3524034Turbocharger, H1E
PN-3528747Turbocharger 6BT 5.9
PN-3528920Turbocharger, 4BT
PN-3530996Turbocharger, 6BT
PN-3534919Turbocharger, HX35W
PN-3537562Turbocharger, HX30W
PN-3539369Turbocharger, HX35W
PN-3539428Turbocharger 6BTA 180HP
PN-3539696Turbocharger HX35
PN-3539697Turbocharger HX35
PN-3800338Cylinder Head With Valves 4BT
PN-3801090Bearing Set, Main 6BT PLEASE USE 3802070
PN-3802004Pump, Water 6BT PLEASE USE 3802358
PN-3802010Bearing Set, Main 4BT STD
PN-3802011Bearing Set, Main 4BT 0.010 O/S +0.25 mm
PN-3802012Bearing Set, Main 4BT 0.020 O/S +0.50 mm
PN-3802013Bearing Set, Main 4BT 0.030 O/S +0.75 mm
PN-3802014Bearing Set, Main 4BT 0.040 O/S +1.00 mm
PN-3802038Injector, 6BT
PN-3802040Ring Set, B-Series
PN-3802048Injector, PDC Kit 6BT
PN-3802050Ring Set, 6BT STD. PLEASE USE 3802230
PN-3802052Ring Set, 6BT + 0.50 mm O/S 0.020 PLEASE USE 3802232
PN-3802054Ring Set, 6BT + 1.00 mm O/S 0.040 PLEASE USE 3802234
PN-3802070Bearing Set, Main 6BT STD
PN-3802071Bearing Set, Main 6BT 0.010 O/S +0.25 mm
PN-3802072Bearing Set, Main 6BT 0.020 O/S +0.50 mm
PN-3802073Bearing Set, Main 6BT 0.030 O/S +0.75 mm
PN-3802074Bearing Set, Main 6BT 0.040 O/S +1.00 mm
PN-3802084Bearing Set, Main Lower Set PLEASE USE 3802074
PN-3802089Kit, Turbocharger 6BT
PN-3802100Piston Kit 6BT
PN-3802137Turbocharger Assembly 4BT
PN-3802147Kit, Turbocharger Repair
PN-3802160Piston Kit, STD.
PN-3802230Ring Set, 6BTA STD.
PN-3802232Ring Set, 6BTA 0.5mm O/S 0.020
PN-3802234Ring Set, 6BTA 1.0mm O/S 0.040
PN-3802267Kit, Gasket Lower 6BT PLEASE USE 3802376
PN-3802273Thermostat Kit, 6BT =3917324 ADJUSTABLE RUBBER COATED
PN-3802287Belt Tensioner, 6BT/6CT
PN-3802289Turbocharger 6BT
PN-3802316Injector, 6BT 7MM
PN-3802327Injector, 6BT 7MM
PN-3802340Cylinder Head, Bare =3913381
PN-3802355Valve, Intake 6BTA
PN-3802356Valve, Exhaust 6BTA
PN-3802358Pump, Water 6BTA
PN-3802369Aftercooler, 6BT =3918672
PN-3802375Gasket Set, Lower 4BT
PN-3802376Gasket Set, Lower 6BT
PN-3802561Piston Kit, 6BT =3926631+...
PN-3802997Block, Cylinder 6BT =3933166
PN-3804896Gasket Set, Upper 4BT
PN-3804897Gasket Set, Upper 6BT
PN-3818824Nut, Hex Flange, Turbo
PN-3862539Hose, Flexible
PN-3897331Head, Fuel Filter
PN-3900037Fuel Pump, A-Inline 4BT
PN-3900038Turbocharger, 4BT =3921215
PN-3900068Dowel Ring
PN-3900096Housing, Flywheel B Series
PN-3900098Housing, Flywheel 5.9L
PN-3900107Kit, Solenoid =3903576
PN-3900120Housing, Flywheel B Series
PN-3900176Pump, Sea Water 6BT GILKES TYPE
PN-3900216Washer, Sealing
PN-3900222Housing, Flywheel
PN-3900227Screw, Hex Cam/Water Pump
PN-3900240Nut, Regular Hexagon Head
PN-3900250Collet, Valve Cylinder Head
PN-3900267Seal, Cam Follower
PN-3900270Sensor, Tachometer 6BT
PN-3900276Spring, Valve
PN-3900293Flywheel Assembly, 6BT 3900110 8KW
PN-3900299Retainer, Valve
PN-3900467Tube, Motor Oil
PN-3900589Nut, Hexagon Flange
PN-3900595Manifold, Exhaust 5.9L 6BTAA ,EURO2
PN-3900627Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900628Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900629Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap 4BT/6CT
PN-3900630Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900631Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900632Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900633Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900677Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3900678Screw Hex Head. Fan 6BT
PN-3900687Plug, Expansion 4BT/6BT
PN-3900706Screw, Slotted, Rocker Lever
PN-3900709Seal, Crankshaft 6BT
PN-3900919Bolt, Conn. Rod 6BT
PN-3900955Plug, Expansion
PN-3900956Plug, Expansion 4BT/6BT
PN-3900958Plug, Expansion
PN-3900965Plug,Expansion PLEASE USE 3922072
PN-3900967Cap, Main Bearing 6BTA
PN-3901049Oil Pan, 4BTA
PN-3901085Bushing, Conn. Rod 6BT
PN-3901097Seal, Valve Stem PLEASE USE 3921640
PN-3901117Valve, Intake = 3920867
PN-3901142Bearing Set, Main PLEASE USE 3802072
PN-3901170Bearing, Conn. Rod STD. 6BT
PN-3901171Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.25 6BT 0.010
PN-3901172Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.50 6BT 0.020
PN-3901173Bearing, Conn. Rod 0.75 6BT 0.030
PN-3901174Bearing, Conn. Rod 1.00 6BT 0.040
PN-3901175Pump, Oil 6BT PLEASE USE 3926203
PN-3901204Cylinder Block, 6BT
PN-3901221Screw, Rocker Lever
PN-3901258Gear, Crankshaft
PN-3901306Bushing, Camshaft B Series
PN-3901356Gasket, Turbocharger
PN-3901395Bolt, Flywheel 6BT
PN-3901425Pump, Fuel Transfer VE Type PLEASE USE 3928143
PN-3901446Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3901448Bolt, Exhaust Manifold 6BT
PN-3901567Connecting Rod, 6BT = 3901569
PN-3901569Connecting Rod, 6BT
PN-3901607Valve, Exhaust = 3920868
PN-3901635Manifold, Exhaust 6BT
PN-3901683Manifold, Exhaust 6BT
PN-3901706Ring, Retaining 6BT
PN-3901717Lever, Rocker 6CT
PN-3901735Cylinder Block, 4BT-3.9
PN-3901761Support, Camshaft Thrust, 6BT=3914641=3927155
PN-3901774Gear, Flywheel 6BT 159 Teeth
PN-3901793Pin, Piston 6BTA PLEASE USE 3934048
PN-3901804Hose, Plain
PN-3901895Cap, Oil Filler 6CTA
PN-3901919Manifold, Exhaust 4BT
PN-3902002Gasket, Intake Manifold Cover
PN-3902127Gear, Flywheel Ring 138 Teeth
PN-3902231Flywheel Assembly With Gear 4BT
PN-3902332Key, Camshaft
PN-3902338Valve, By Pass =3927622
PN-3902343Dowel, Plug 6BT
PN-3902347Manifold, Exhaust 6BT
PN-3902363Seal, Rectangular
PN-3902484Cap, Main Bearing PLEASE USE 3900967
PN-3902501Stud, Fuel Pump
PN-3902521Cylinder Head With Valves 4BT
PN-3902595Gear, Air Compressor
PN-3902604Kit, Valve Cover=3960372
PN-3902605Cover, Valve With Filler Hole 6BT
PN-3902606Plug, Expansion 4BT/6BT
PN-3902666Gasket, Valve Cover
PN-3903037Washer, Plain PLEASE USE M3935171
PN-3903095Screw, Flat Head Cap 6BT
PN-3903096Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3903102Connector, Water Inlet
PN-3903103Housing, Water Thermostat
PN-3903282Housing, Flywheel 6BT = 3913582 SAE#3
PN-3903309Gear, Flywheel 6BTA 173 Teeth
PN-3903364Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 6BT
PN-3903380Seal, Banjo Connector
PN-3903391Hose, Molded
PN-3903463Cover, Access Drive Front Plastic Cover on Gear Housing Cover
PN-3903464Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3903475Seal, Rectangular Ring
PN-3903492Cap, Main Bearing PLEASE USE 3900967
PN-3903640Fuel Filter
PN-3903728Washer, Flat 6BT
PN-3903729Screw, Banjo Connector 6BT
PN-3903744Tube, Turbo Oil Drain Metallic B Series
PN-3903745Hose, Plain 6BT
PN-3903794Cover, Front Gear Housing 6BT
PN-3903796Block, Cylinder 4BT
PN-3903797Cylinder Block, 6BT =3905806
PN-3903845Adapter, Filter Head
PN-3903857Screw, Hex. Vib. Damper 6BT M12x 1.25 x 36
PN-3903920Block, Cylinder 4BTA
PN-3903938Bolt, Cylinder Head =3920779
PN-3903939Bolt, Cylinder Head =3920780
PN-3903940Bolt, Cylinder Head
PN-3904087Seal, Crankshaft Rear Kit
PN-3904105Insert, Exhaust Valve
PN-3904166Sleeve, Cylinder 6BT
PN-3904217Screw, Main Bearing Cap 6BT
PN-3904322Manifold, Exhaust 6BT
PN-3904353Oil Seal Kit, Front,Housing
PN-3904362Head, Fuel Filter 6BT
PN-3904370Tensioner, Belt 6BT
PN-3904374Pump, Fuel Transfer 6BT PLEASE USE 3928143
PN-3904386Plug, Oil Drain
PN-3904408Guide, Valve
PN-3904409Guide, Valve
PN-3904422Hose, Plain 6BT
PN-3904441Fuel Lines, 4-5-6 Set, 6BT Engine
PN-3904679Push Rod, B-Series
PN-3904717Housing, Flywheel 3.9L
PN-3904776Gasket, Push Rod Cover
PN-3904862Cover, Intake Manifold 6BT = 3908086
PN-3905307Screw, Banjo Connector
PN-3905443Gasket, Exhaust Manifold 6BT
PN-3905800Tube, Oil Gauge
PN-3905801Tube, Oil Gauge
PN-3905806Block, Cylinder 6BT =3903797
PN-3905860Screw, Banjo Connector
PN-3905926Bracket, Belt Tensioner
PN-3905933Housing, Timing Pin PLEASE USE 3919683
PN-3906080Sleeve, Wear. Crank 6BT
PN-3906081Sleeve, Crank. Rear 6BT/6CT
PN-3906206Guide, Valve
PN-3906216Nut,Hexagon Flange
PN-3906223Piston 6BT 17.3:1
PN-3906230Bearing, Thrust
PN-3906413Pump, Oil 4BT PLEASE USE 3926202
PN-3906414Pump, Oil 6BT PLEASE USE 3926203
PN-3906623Tube, Air 4BT
PN-3906660Manifold, Exhaust
PN-3906698Seal, Water Pump 6BT
PN-3906854Insert, Intake Valve
PN-3906972Pipe, Intake
PN-3906973Pipe, Air Inlet 6BT = 3906972
PN-3907049Bolt, Valve Cover B series
PN-3907156Piston 6BT =3926631
PN-3907157Piston 4/6BT =.5mm
PN-3907163Piston, 17.5 6BT
PN-3907240Tappet 6BT =3925031 =3931623
PN-3907431Gear, Camshaft 6BT =3929030=3912884
PN-3907537Washer Spring
PN-3907617Gasket, Cam Follower
PN-3907712Dipstick, 6BT
PN-3907782Nozzle, 6BT
PN-3907803Crankshaft, 4BT
PN-3907804Crankshaft, 6BT
PN-3907824Camshaft, 6BT
PN-3907836Gasket, Gear Housing 4BT
PN-3908031Crankshaft Assembly 4BT (+gear+pin)
PN-3908032Crankshaft Assembly 6BT (+gear+pin)
PN-3908049Hose, Push Rod
PN-3908086Cover, Intake Manifold 6BT = 3904862
PN-3908095Plate, Cover 4BT
PN-3908118Lifting Bracket
PN-3908198Fuel Pump, 6BT VE Rotary
PN-3908208Fuel Pump, 6BT VE Rotary 24V Solenoid
PN-3908446Nozzle, Injector 9MM
PN-3908594Starter Motor, 24V
PN-3908615Oil Filter, 6BT
PN-3908616Oil Filter, 4BT
PN-3908776Tube, Air 6BT
PN-3908815Piston, 0.50 MM Oversize
PN-3908816Piston, 1.00 MM Oversize
PN-3909356Seal, Rectangular
PN-3909376Plunger, Oil Cooler
PN-3909381Gear, Air Compressor
PN-3909439Fuel Line Kit Cyl#1-2-3 6BT Engine VE Rotary Pump
PN-3909441Fuel Line Kit Cyl#4-5-6 6BT Engine VE Rotary Pump
PN-3909522Injector, 6BT
PN-3909533Injector, 6BT 9MM
PN-3909547Hose, Flexible, Turbocharger
PN-3909548Turbo Feeding Line
PN-3909695Manifold, Fuel 4BT
PN-3909696Fuel Manifold A-Inline 6BT
PN-3909888Support, Fan Assembly
PN-3910276Cylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-3910282Aftercooler, 6BT =3919806
PN-3910370Flywheel, 6BT
PN-3910371Flywheel Assembly, 6BT With Gear Ring
PN-3910411Housing, Gear 6BT/4BT
PN-3910495Screw, Hex Compressor
PN-3910500Gasket, Gear Cover 4BT
PN-3910529Connector, Compressor
PN-3910540Screw, Flywheel. SAE#2 6BT
PN-3910564Starter Motor, 24V 6BT-M
PN-3910583Heat Exchanger, 6BT
PN-3910622Hub, Fan
PN-3910713Support, Alternator
PN-3910739Bearing, Ball Assembly , Support, Fan
PN-3910787Connection, Tube
PN-3910810Lever Rocker, Exhaust
PN-3910811Lever Rocker, Intake
PN-3910813Shaft, Rocker Lever
PN-3910814Support, Rocker Lever 6BT
PN-3910815Support, Rocker Lever 6BT
PN-3910824Seal, O-ring
PN-3911190Fuel Pump, 4BT
PN-3911202Support Fan
PN-3911331Gear, Fuel Pump 6BT
PN-3911400Piston, 6BTAA-M Kit PN#3802170
PN-3911423Support, Rocker Lever, 6BT
PN-3911535Gasket, Oil Pan 4BT
PN-3911536Gasket, Oil Pan 6BT
PN-3911560Belt, V
PN-3911705Hose, Flexible
PN-3911822Cover, Push Rod
PN-3911925Coupling, Hose
PN-3911940Cooler, Oil 6BT PLEASE USE 3921558
PN-3912072Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3912246Tensioner, Belt PLEASE USE 3914086
PN-3912473Seal, O-ring
PN-3912627Tube, Vent
PN-3912643Fuel Pump, A-Inline 6BT With RQV
PN-3912907Flywheel Assembly 6BT
PN-3912909Flywheel Assembly With Gear 6BT SAE#3
PN-3913381Cylinder Head, 6BT =3917287
PN-3913432Pump, Water 6BT
PN-3913447Cover, Rear Seal
PN-3913582Housing, Flywheel 6BT
PN-3913824Hose, Flexible
PN-3913877Fuel Pump, Inline
PN-3913902Fuel Pump, A-Inline 4BT-128HP
PN-3913903Piston, PLEASE USE 3907163
PN-3913909Tube, Air Fuel
PN-3913914Flywheel Assembly With Gear Ring
PN-3913929Lifting Bracket
PN-3913930Manifold, Fuel
PN-3913965Housing, Oil Filter 6BT
PN-3913967Cover, Lubricating Oil Filter-Cooler and Filter Base
PN-3914004Housing, Flywheel 6BT
PN-3914007Pump, Oil PLEASE USE 3926202
PN-3914008Pump, Oil PLEASE USE 3926203
PN-3914023Hose, Flexible
PN-3914028Gasket, Intake Manifold Cover
PN-3914047Fuel Tube Set, 6BT
PN-3914082Air Compressor, 6BT=3919882=3960069
PN-3914086Belt Tensioner, 6BT/6CT
PN-3914385Gasket, Gear Cover 6BT
PN-3914387Gasket, Oil Cooler Core
PN-3914388Gasket, Turbo Oil Drain
PN-3914408Thermostat, 6BT Regular
PN-3914409Housing, Thermostat 6BT
PN-3914414Housing, Thermostat 6BT
PN-3914431Flywheel, 6BT-M Without Gear
PN-3914432Flywheel Assembly, 6BT-M With Gear
PN-3914454Damper, Vibration 6BT
PN-3914462Pulley, Fan Engine
PN-3914463Pulley, Groove Fan
PN-3914494Pulley, Crankshaft, 4BT
PN-3914638Camshaft, 4BT
PN-3914639Camshaft, 6BT = 3929042=3907824
PN-3914854Belt Tensioner, PLEASE USE 3914086
PN-3914897Support, Timing Device Fuel Pump
PN-3914903Tube, Fuel 6BT
PN-3914912Gear, Fuel Pump
PN-3915041Flywheel, 6BT Dodge =3914138= 3910904
PN-3915703Oil Pan, 6BT
PN-3916060Hose, Flexible
PN-3916113Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 6BT
PN-3916131Gasket, Gear Housing 6BT
PN-3916191Crankshaft, 6BT PLEASE USE 3907804
PN-3916436Damper, Vibration PLEASE USE 3914454
PN-3916854Starter Motor
PN-3916897Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 6BT
PN-3916987Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 6BT 160HP
PN-3916992Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 6BT 160HP
PN-3917287Cylinder Head, Bare, 6BTA
PN-3917318Housing, Flywheel 4BT
PN-3917324Thermostat = 3802273
PN-3917358Gasket, Cylinder Head 6BT
PN-3917517Fuel Pump, VE Rotary 4BT
PN-3917759Housing, Gear VE-Rotary Type 6BT PLEASE USE 3960071
PN-3917943Fuel Pump, 6BT
PN-3918000Pump, Fuel Transfer 6BT
PN-3918076Pump, Fuel Transfer 4BT
PN-3918109Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3918212Pump, Oil 6BT PLEASE USE 3926203
PN-3918287Cover, Oil Cooler B-Series
PN-3918293Cooler, Oil 6BT PLEASE USE 3921558
PN-3918305Gasket, Head 6BT 40 ea./box =3921394
PN-3918315Ring, Top
PN-3918328Head, Lub Oil Filter Base
PN-3918428Plunger, Oil Cooler
PN-3918536Hose, Flexible, Compressor
PN-3918675Cover, Gear 6BT
PN-3918916Manifold, Exhaust Wet 4BT MARINE
PN-3918954Cover, Lub.Oil Filter
PN-3918999Damper, Vibration 6BT
PN-3919153Turbocharger 6BT SY
PN-3919339Injector, 6BT
PN-3919350Injector, 6BT
PN-3919351Nozzle, Injector 7MM 6BT
PN-3919390Injector, 6BT
PN-3919533Injector, 6BT PLEASE USE 3919350
PN-3919680Gear, Crankshaft 4BT
PN-3919805Aftercooler, 4BT
PN-3919806Aftercooler, 6BT =3910282
PN-3919867Fuel Pump, VE-Rotary 6BT
PN-3919882Air Compressor, 6BT=3914082=3960069
PN-3919985Bracket, Belt
PN-3920005Cylinder Head Assembly With Valves 4BTA
PN-3920074Injector Assembly
PN-3920311Pump, Water 6BT Ring On Impeller
PN-3920336Top, Thermostat
PN-3920519Gear Housing, PLEASE USE 3936256
PN-3920560Pulley, Alternator
PN-3920593Gear, Fuel Pump
PN-3920611Cylinder Head, Bare 4BT PLEASE USE 3920005
PN-3920679Alternator, 12V
PN-3920758Gear Housing VE Type 6BT
PN-3920779Bolt, Cylinder Head
PN-3920780Bolt, Cylinder Head
PN-3920781Bolt, Cylinder Head
PN-3920867Valve, Intake
PN-3920868Valve, Exhaust
PN-3920951Manifold, Exhaust
PN-3921043Cover, Rear Seal
PN-3921265Oil Seal Kit, Crankshaft Rear PLEASE USE 3934486
PN-3921346Gasket, Oil Pan PLEASE USE 3911536
PN-3921393Gasket, Head 4BT 40 EA./BOX PLEASE USE 3283333
PN-3921394Gasket, Head 6BT 40 EA./BOX PLEASE USE 3283335
PN-3921557Cooler, Oil 4BTA
PN-3921558Cooler, Oil 6BTA =3918293= 3911940
PN-3921639Seal, Valve Stem 6BT PLEASE USE 3921640
PN-3921640Seal, Valve Stem
PN-3921652Tube, Fuel Drain
PN-3921926Gasket, Wet Manifold
PN-3922072Plug, Expansion
PN-3922122Manifold, Exhaust Wet
PN-3922123Manifold, Exhaust Wet 6BT-M =4020065
PN-3922488Support, Rocker Lever KIT, 6BT=3910814
PN-3922762Fuel Pump, 6BT
PN-3922886Tube, Oil Gauge
PN-3922900Tensioner, Belt PLEASE USE 3914086
PN-3922901Tensioner, Belt PLEASE USE 3914086
PN-3923083Tube, Air /Fuel
PN-3923262Push Rod
PN-3923331Seal, Termostat B Series
PN-3924006Tube, Air/Fuel Control
PN-3924026Tensioner, Belt 4BT
PN-3924180Bracket, Belt Tensioner
PN-3924189Gear, Accessory
PN-3924350Connecting Rod, 6BTA
PN-3924720Pump, Oil Lub PLEASE USE 3926203
PN-3924908Hose, Flexible, Turbocharger
PN-3925232Connecting Rod, B-Series
PN-3925233Viscous Vibration Damper
PN-3925529Seal, Crankshaft, Rear FOR KIT PN PLEASE USE 3934486
PN-3925582Camshaft, 4BT
PN-3925761Cylinder Head, High Swirl 6BTA
PN-3926202Pump, Oil 4BT = 3906413
PN-3926203Pump, Oil 6BT = 3906414=3918212
PN-3926631Piston 6BTAA
PN-3926700Spring, Valve 6BT
PN-3926723Bearing, Thrust 6BT STD.
PN-3926726Block, Cylinder 4BT
PN-3926760Gasket, Oil Cooler
PN-3927154Gasket, Exhaust Manifold 6BTA =3905443
PN-3927330Cylinder Head, 6BTA
PN-3927622Valve, By-Pass, Filter 6BT
PN-3928143Pump, Fuel Transfer 6BT = 3904374
PN-3928147Fuel Pump, 6BTA A-Inline =PT3960418 210hp
PN-3928396Pump, Water 6BT Ring On Impeller
PN-3928788Block, Cylinder 6BTA
PN-3928828Connection, Oil Suction Tube
PN-3929026Gear, Crankshaft 4B/6B
PN-3929027Gear, Crankshaft 6BT
PN-3929028Gear, Camshaft 6BT
PN-3929030Gear, Camshaft 6BT
PN-3929036Crankshaft, 4BTA
PN-3929037Crankshaft, 6BTA
PN-3929039Camshaft, 4BT
PN-3929042Camshaft, 6BT = 3914639
PN-3929101Crankshaft, 6BT
PN-3929734Camshaft, 6BT P-inline
PN-3930145Fuel Pump, 4BT
PN-3930336Pump, Oil 4BT
PN-3930337Pump, Oil 6BT
PN-3930906Gasket, Valve Cover B Series
PN-3931623Tappet, B & C Series
PN-3931716Housing, Flywheel 6BT SAE#2
PN-3931740Tube, Fuel Drain
PN-3933166Block, Cylinder 6BT STORM
PN-3933262Seal, Oil 6BT Black
PN-3933373Fuel Pump, 4BT A-Inline
PN-3933421Cylinder Head, 4BT
PN-3934025Block, Cylinder 4BT
PN-3934048Pin, Piston
PN-3934476Connection, Banjo
PN-3934725Bearing, Conn. Rod
PN-3934746Cylinder Head, Low Swirl 6BT
PN-3934747Cylinder Head, Low Swirl 6BT
PN-3934818Belt Tensioner, 6BTM
PN-3935931Cylinder Block, 6BT STORM OEM
PN-3935937Cylinder Block, Storm -Thick Block High Power 6BT
PN-3936201Belt Tensioner, 6BT
PN-3936207Belt Tensioner, 6BT/6CT
PN-3936256Housing, Gear (P-Inline), 6BT = 3920519
PN-3936320Pump, Fuel Transfer
PN-3936709Tube, Fuel Supply
PN-3937027Pump, Oil 4BT
PN-3937342Tube, Fuel Supply
PN-3937404Pump, Engine Lube 6BT
PN-3937426Housing, Flywheel 6BT
PN-3937553Tensioner, Belt 6BT
PN-3938162Gasket, Oil Pan BT
PN-3939859Bearing, Conn. Rod 6BT
PN-3941476Bushing, Conn. Rod 6BT
PN-3941742Pump, Oil 6BT
PN-3942581Connecting Rod, 6BT
PN-3944429Connection, Water
PN-3944593Bolt, Exhaust Manifold 6BT
PN-3944593Bolt, Exhaust Manifold 6BT
PN-3944720Connection, Water Inlet
PN-3955015Injector, 6BT
PN-3957543Cooler, Oil 4BT
PN-3957544Cooler, Oil 6BT
PN-3959031Cooler, Oil ISBE
PN-3960004Tube, Lube Compressor
PN-3960024Hose, Flexible
PN-3960038Turbocharger 4BT
PN-3960039Air Compressor, 6BT
PN-3960056Manifold, Exhaust 3.9L
PN-3960061Gasket, Gear Housing
PN-3960067Cooler, Oil ISBE
PN-3960069Air Compressor, 6BT=3914082=3919882
PN-3960071Housing, Gear (VE pump) = 3917759
PN-3960074Oil Suction Line
PN-3960309Pump, Water 6BT
PN-3960313Gasket, Rear Seal Plate
PN-3960315Gasket, Cover Intake Manifold 6BT = 3914029
PN-3960317Gasket, Oil Cooler Core
PN-3960319Gasket, Cover, Gear Housing
PN-3960320Gasket, Gear Cover 6BT
PN-3960326Seal, O-ring
PN-3960330Long Block Assembly, 6BT
PN-3960338Gear Housing, A-Inline =3932120=3929565
PN-3960342Pump, Water 4BT
PN-3960345Gear, Air Compressor
PN-3960350Brace, Alternator
PN-3960356Kit, Fuel Tube
PN-3960357Screw, Valve Cover 6BT
PN-3960372Valve Cover
PN-3960373Valve Cover W/Filter Kit 6BT
PN-3960390Support, Fan W/Bearing Assembly 6BT
PN-3960391Flywheel Housing
PN-3960395Flywheel Housing
PN-3960402Fuel Pump, Inline HY 6BT
PN-3960404Turbocharger By Pass 6BT
PN-3960406Fuel Pump, Inline HY 6BT = 3960402
PN-3960408Turbocharger 6BT By Pass Valve DCEC
PN-3960410Flywheel Housing
PN-3960412Hose, Flexible
PN-3960414Flywheel Housing
PN-3960418Fuel Pump, 6BTA A-Inline =PT3928147 210hp
PN-3960419Set, Fuel Tube, 6BT
PN-3960420Fuel Tube Set. 6BTA
PN-3960453Manifold, Fuel 6BT
PN-3960454Turbocharger, 6BTA
PN-3960485Gear, Fuel Pump Inline 6BT
PN-3960486Gear, Fuel Pump P-Inline
PN-3960489Housing, Flywheel
PN-3960495Oil Pan, 6BT
PN-3960499Fuel Pump, 6BTA Inline
PN-3960546Manifold, Exhaust Rear
PN-3960547Manifold, Exhaust
PN-3960589Injector, 6BT
PN-3960590Fuel Pump, 6BT PW160ps
PN-3960591Injector, 6BT
PN-3960615Housing, Flywheel
PN-3960618Tube, Air/Fuel
PN-3960623Gear Housing 210/6BTAA
PN-3960624Fuel Pump, 6BT PW180ps
PN-3960650Fuel Tube Set, 6BTA
PN-3960651Fuel Tube Set, 6BTA
PN-3960702Flywheel Housing
PN-3960703Fuel Pump, 6BT PB 210ps
PN-3960714Flywheel Assy
PN-3960730Gear, Fuel Pump 6BT
PN-3960740Turbocharger, Bypass 4BT
PN-3960797Fuel Pump, P7100
PN-3960892Flywheel Assy 6BT
PN-3960900Fuel Pump, 6BT VE Rotary
PN-3960901Fuel Pump
PN-3960902Fuel Pump
PN-3960905Turbocharger DCEC
PN-3966154Pump, Fuel Transfer 6BT
PN-3967440Cylinder Head With Valves
PN-3967453Cylinder Head, Bare Without Valves
PN-3970366Camshaft, Euro II
PN-3970880Fuel Transfer Pump VE 6BT
PN-3981719Connection, Tube
PN-4019950Manifold, Exhaust Wet 6BTM
PN-4019951Manifold, Exhaust Wet 6BTA
PN-4019951Manifold, Exhaust Wet 6BTA-M=4020065
PN-4019971Aftercooler, 6BTA
PN-4020065Manifold, Exhaust Wet 6BT-M =3922123
PN-4020066Manifold, Exhaust,Water Cooled 6BT
PN-4027309Kit, Turbo 6BT
PN-4029061Turbocharger, 6BTA 210HP
PN-4035721Turbocharger, 4BT
PN-4035726Turbocharger, 4BT
PN-6900633Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap 4BT/6CT
PN-3802340VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-39000BKit, Gasket B Series **only Stamped Gaskets
PN-3902604KITKit, Valve Cover 6BT
PN-3903797PKPlug Kit, 6BT With Dowels and Pins
PN-3904441KITFuel Lines, 4-5-6 Set, 6BT
PN-3905376ALong Block Assembly, A-Inline 4BTA
PN-3905376VLong Block Assembly, VE Rotary Pump 4BT
PN-3910276VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-3910814KITSupport, Rocker Lever KIT, 6BT=3922488
PN-3913381VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-3914796KITFuel Line Kit, 6BT
PN-3917287VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-3920005VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 4BTA
PN-3934747VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTAA
PN-3960030VELong Block Assembly, 6BT VE-Rotary
PN-3960330ALong Block Assembly, 6BT A-Inline
PN-3960330AALong Block, 6BTAA-210 HP
PN-3960330PLong Block Assembly, 6BT P-Inline P7100
PN-3960372KITKit, Engine Valve Cover (Cover+Bolt+Gasket)
PN-3960419KITFuel Line Kit, 6BT Set for 6 Cylinder
PN-3960650KITFuel Line Kit, 6BT Set for 6 Cylinder
PN-3967440VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves 6BTA
PN-C68274Spring, Oil Filter Cover -Tension
PN-IK3802100-4Inframe Kit, 4BT (3907156)
PN-IK3802160-4Inframe Kit, 4BT
PN-IK3802160-6Inframe Kit, 6BT
PN-IK3802170-4Inframe Kit, 4BTA
PN-IK3802170-6Inframe Kit, 6BTA
PN-IK3802248-4Inframe Kit, 4BT CPL 1260
PN-IK3907163-4Inframe Kit, 4BT
PN-IK3907163-6Inframe Kit, 6BT
PN-IK3926631-6Inframe Kit, 6BT
PN-OK3802100-4Overhaul Kit, 4BT (3907156)
PN-OK3802160-4Overhaul Kit, 4BT
PN-OK3802160-6Overhaul Kit, 6BT
PN-OK3802170-4Overhaul Kit, 4BTA
PN-OK3802170-6Overhaul Kit, 6BTA
PN-OK3802248-4Overhaul Kit, 4BT CPL 1260
PN-OK3926631-6Overhaul Kit, 6BT
PN-S-205Nut, Regular, Hex Head, Rocker Lever

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