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· FORD 4.9L (300 cid) ENGINE PARTS

A selection of our Cummins K-Series replacement parts inventory is listed below.

All in stock items will be shipped within 3 days of receipt of order. Out-of-stock items will be shipped in 60-90 days. Terms are cash before delivery or credit pre-approved unless prior arrangements have been made with PTC Diesel Power-USA. Parts will be shipped FOB our warehouse in Fairfax, VA, unless prior arrangements have been made. Minimum orders for some items apply.

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Part Number
PN-3045229Shaft, Accessory Drive KT19/KT38
PN-3045338Fuel Pump, K19
PN-3045665Spacer, Fan
PN-3046191Thermostat, KT
PN-3046201Seal, O-ring 6CT. K19
PN-3046202Plug K19
PN-3046283Capscrew, K-Series
PN-3046476Impeller, Water Pump K19
PN-3046690Throttle Shaft K38
PN-3046852Gasket, Accessory Drive Support KTA
PN-3046869Plug, Magnetic Oil Pan K19/M11
PN-3046942Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Assembly=3046869+3655222+3046943
PN-3046943Seal, O-ring
PN-3047188Seal, Rear, M11, K19
PN-3047340Elbow, Male
PN-3047390Bearing, Conn. Rod KTA38
PN-3047391Bearing, Conn. Rod K38/K50
PN-3047549Pump, Oil K-19 =3201119
PN-3047662Manifold, Exhaust L/B K38
PN-3047963Barrel & Plunger
PN-3048620Valve, Crosshead KTTA19 =205121
PN-3048626Bearing, Roller KT
PN-3049158Pump, Seawater KTA19M
PN-3049164Shaft, Rocker Level.
PN-3049543Gear, Lub Pump K19
PN-3049688Gasket, Air Compressor. K19/K38
PN-3049995Retainer, Spring K19
PN-3050442Shaft, Water Pump K38
PN-3050443Pump, Water KT38 =3069600=3629786
PN-3050445Pump, Water K38
PN-3050447Pump, Water K38
PN-3050453Impeller, Water Pump K38
PN-3050489Impeller, Water Pump K38
PN-3050491Cylinder Head, Bare K38
PN-3050692Switch, Solid State NT/KT
PN-3050862Screw, Socket Head Cap K19M
PN-3050863Screw, Socket Head Cap K19M
PN-3050944Gasket, Flange, Water Pump K38
PN-3050954Connection, Sea Water K19M
PN-3051035Pulley, Alternator
PN-3051819Seat, Intake K19
PN-3052218Spring Retainer, K38
PN-3052819Insert, Valve KTTA
PN-3052820Valve, Intake KT =207241
PN-3052970Crankcase, Air Compressor K38
PN-3052983Head, Compressor K38
PN-3053099Support, Compr K38
PN-3053124Injector, Fuel KTA50
PN-3053477Rocker Lever K19
PN-3055769Gasket, Sea Water Pump K19M
PN-3055776Gasket, Air Compressor K38
PN-3056158Nut, Flange K19/K50
PN-3056256Connection, Female Type
PN-3056257Elbow, Female
PN-3056353Switch Thermo, K19/K38
PN-3056356Harness, Wiring
PN-3056357Wiring Harness K19
PN-3056415Seal, O-ring K19
PN-3056476Impeller, Water Pump K19 =3008433 =205243
PN-3056530Piston, Compressor K38
PN-3056615Air Compressor, K38
PN-3057139Push Rod, KTTA19= A205492
PN-3058154Gasket, Compressor K38
PN-3058162Support, Compressor K38
PN-3058165Crankcase, Air Compressor K38
PN-3058182Nozzle, Cooling Piston PLEASE USE 3179664
PN-3058214PT Fuel Pump KTA19
PN-3059594Pump Body Sub-Assy K19
PN-3059658Fuel Pump, KTA19
PN-3059761Brace, Gage Panel
PN-3060211Housing, Fuel Pump K19
PN-3060246Shaft, Fan Hub
PN-3060545Block, Cylinder KTA19
PN-3060610Camshaft, KTA19
PN-3060613Hose, Manifold NT
PN-3060711Fuel Pump, KTTA Assembly
PN-3060912Gasket, Connection K19
PN-3060945PT Fuel Pump KTA M500
PN-3060947PT Fuel Pump KTA19
PN-3061832Union, Male KT
PN-3062076Camshaft, KTA38G5 =3066888
PN-3062077Camshaft, K38 LH =3066889
PN-3062094Cup, Injector
PN-3062104Spring, K19
PN-3062122Tappet, Hydraulic Variable Timing K19
PN-3062123Camshaft, K19
PN-3062322Governor, Control KT38/50 24V
PN-3062323Governor Control, K19,K38,K50,M11
PN-3062393Seal, Oil KT
PN-3062415Spring, K19
PN-3062493Gasket K19
PN-3062676Seal, Oil Governor Fuel NT/K38
PN-3062866Switch. KT
PN-3063022Valve, KTA38
PN-3063052Gasket K19
PN-3063505Actuator, Governor
PN-3063683Harness, Wiring Control Governor K38
PN-3063809Clamp, K38
PN-3063810Clamp, Hose
PN-3065723Screw, Captive Washer Cap K19M
PN-3065756Fuel Pump, KTA19
PN-3065810Lever, Rocker K19
PN-3065827Elbow, Male
PN-3065934Spring, Valve KT
PN-3065950Screw K19
PN-3066363Core, Aftercooler K38
PN-3066497Screw K19
PN-3066877Camshaft, K-19 =207770
PN-3066881Camshaft, KT =3060610
PN-3066882Camshaft, K-19-STC
PN-3066884Camshaft, RH K38 = 3062076 = 3066888 =206540
PN-3066885Camshaft, K38 =3062077 LH
PN-3066887Camshaft, K19
PN-3066888Camshaft, K38 RH =3062076
PN-3066889Camshaft, K38 =3062077 LH
PN-3067168Spacer, Mounting Alternator, KT
PN-3067503Elbow, Connection KT
PN-3068402Cylinder Head Assembly KTA19C
PN-3068724Core, Aftercooler K19M
PN-3068976Aftercooler, K50
PN-3068979Plunger, PRS Regulator Oil Pump K19/M11
PN-3069102Gasket, Compressor K38
PN-3069600Pump, Water KT38 =3050443=3629786
PN-3069728Sensor, Oil Pump K19/M11
PN-3069776Adapter, Crankshaft K38
PN-3069779Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap KT38
PN-3069837Housing, Aftercooler KTA19
PN-3070123Fuel Pump, KTA19
PN-3070393Screw, K19
PN-3070705Piston, K19
PN-3070706Piston, K19 14.5:1
PN-3070707Piston, K19 15.5:1
PN-3070889Cover K19
PN-3070962Screw, Cap KT
PN-3073152Nut, Hexagon Flange K19M
PN-3073153Isolator, Vibration K19M
PN-3073213Gasket, K19
PN-3073217Cover, Gear K19
PN-3073753Cup, K19
PN-3074118Guide, K19
PN-3074451Liner, KT
PN-3074540Pump, Seawater KTA-19M=3049518
PN-3074835PT Fuel Pump KTA38
PN-3074843PT Fuel Pump KTA38
PN-3075229Fuel Pump, KTA38
PN-3075381Tapped Hyd. Timing K38/K50
PN-3075537Fuel Pump, KTA50G3
PN-3076125Barrel & Plunger KTA19M/KTA38/KTA50
PN-3076126Plunger & Barrel, KTA19G4
PN-3076132Injector, KTA KTA38
PN-3076738Barrel, K19
PN-3076767Camshaft, KTA19G4 High Power
PN-3077538Shaft, Level Camfollower
PN-3078024Manifold, Exhaust Wet K19M=PT3036088.J.V.
PN-3078117Fuel Pump, Central K19
PN-3078218Shaft, Level Camfollower
PN-3079604Sensor, Speed K38
PN-3079754Gasket, K19
PN-3080113Cylinder Head, K38
PN-3080416Sensor, Pressure K38=A3015237
PN-3080521Fuel Pump, KT38
PN-3080522Fuel Pump, K38 PT(G)-EFC
PN-3080546Fuel Pump, KTA38 Assembly
PN-3080596Fuel Pump, KTA38 Code:B881
PN-3080980Manifold, Exhaust Center K19M
PN-3081070Cylinder Head, Bare, Without Valves
PN-3081072Cylinder Head, KT
PN-3081073Cylinder Head, K19 Bare No Valves
PN-3081081Valve Rotator. K19M,/K38 Premium #1
PN-3081489Seal Ring
PN-3081620Cover, Camshaft
PN-3081725Piston K19
PN-3081950Union, Male
PN-3082360Cooler, Oil K-Series
PN-3085219Actuator, Governor
PN-3085220Actuator, Governor
PN-3085824Union, Male
PN-3085956Cooler, Oil K19
PN-3086033Pump, Water K19 =3098964=3098963
PN-3086040Elbow, Male
PN-3086177Support, Water Pump K19
PN-3086178Support, Water Pump K19
PN-3086191Insert, Valve K38
PN-3086192Insert, Valve QSK
PN-3086193Insert, KT=3026296
PN-3086362Valve, Cross Head K-38
PN-3086397PT Pump KTA1150M3
PN-3087587Injector, K19
PN-3088296Cap, Filler K19M
PN-3088300Fuel Pump, K19
PN-3088320Alternator, K38
PN-3088371Seal, Dust KTA38
PN-3088378Liner Shims K19
PN-3088389Valve, Exhaust
PN-3088391Valve, Exhaust PLEASE USE 3035110
PN-3088393Valve, Intake K19 =207241=3803515
PN-3088679Fuel Pump, KT38
PN-3088978Insert, Valve
PN-3088980Insert, Valve
PN-3090144Cooler, Oil Core H/E Setup K19-M
PN-3090145Elbow, Water Pump To Gear Cooler K19M
PN-3090241Cover, Oil Cooler K19-LC4006
PN-3090797Flywheel Assy KTA19
PN-3095278Magnetic Pick Up
PN-3095454PT Fuel Pump K38
PN-3096362Crankshaft, K19 =3418898
PN-3096680Piston KT. High Horse Power
PN-3096681Piston K19M
PN-3096682Piston K19
PN-3096683Piston K19
PN-3096684Piston K19M
PN-3096685Piston K19 HP
PN-3098693Governor Control, K19/K38
PN-3098960Pump, Fresh Water KTA19M =3011389 =3011390
PN-3098963Pump, Water K19=A3098960
PN-3098964Pump, Water K19=3011389
PN-3098967Pump, Fresh Water K19
PN-3098969Fresh Water Pump
PN-3099254Magnetic Pick Up =A3034572
PN-3165330Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3165357Plate, Coupling Crank
PN-3165400Fuel Pump, K38G2 PT
PN-3165409Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3165440Pulley, Idler
PN-3165443Pulley, Accs.. Drive Assy
PN-3165448Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3165450Connection, Hose
PN-3165484Connection, Linking Fan
PN-3165705Pt Pump KTA19
PN-3165791Valve, Brass. Shut Down
PN-3166288Gasket, Head K19
PN-3166289Gasket, Head
PN-3170135Guide, Valve Stem
PN-3170930Elbow, Hose Connection
PN-3175074Tubing, Fuel KTA50
PN-3175225Gear, Rear Crank K38
PN-3175247Tube K38
PN-3175255Gear, Rear Crankshaft K38
PN-3175318Hose, Flexible K38/50
PN-3175453Adapter, Filter Head Water
PN-3175517Gasket, Flange KTA
PN-3175522Cover, KT
PN-3175527Shaft, Water Pump K38
PN-3175573Retaining Ring, Water Pump K38
PN-3175623Clamp, T Bolt KT
PN-3175687Tee, Street Pipe
PN-3175716Elbow, Male Adapter KT
PN-3175790Tube K38
PN-3175791Tube, Air K38
PN-3175797Connection, Fuel Block
PN-3175810Hose, Flexible K38/50
PN-3175856Seal, Filler & Breather KTA
PN-3176424Crankshaft, KTA38 (JV)
PN-3176466Block, Cylinder
PN-3176478Block, Cylinder KTA38
PN-3176576Hose, Flexible
PN-3176607Breather, Crankcase, Red K38
PN-3176619Cylinder Head, K19 Bare =3018868+3068402
PN-3176649Seal, KT Imp. Only
PN-3176708Connection, Fuel Block
PN-3176709Connection, Fuel Block
PN-3176710Tube, Sup K19
PN-3176772Shaft, Rocker K38
PN-3176773Shaft Assembly, Rocker Arm K-19
PN-3176857Dowel, Ring KT
PN-3176875Shaft, Rocker Level.
PN-3176891Actuator, Governor
PN-3176908Hub, Fan K38= A3009480
PN-3176918Housing, Gear K38
PN-3177020Hose, KT38
PN-3177040Shaft, Shutdown
PN-3177046Hose, Flexible KT38G
PN-3177082Hose, KT38
PN-3177108Gasket, Filter Head KTA
PN-3177128Sleeve, Wear
PN-3177129Bearing, Thrust K50
PN-3177130Lever, Idler Assembly K38
PN-3177131Lever Idler Sub Assy K38
PN-3177160Gasket, Gear Cover
PN-3177235Cooler, Oil K38 21 Plates
PN-3177235Cooler, Oil K38 21 Plates
PN-3177279Support, Accsessory Drive
PN-3177300Connection, Adapter K38
PN-3177367Clamp, K38
PN-3177368Connection, Pipe K38
PN-3177412Gasket, Head K19
PN-3177433Cover, Filter
PN-3177510Bushing, K38
PN-3177529Cylinder Head, K38
PN-3177530Hose, K38
PN-3177558Tube, Air K38
PN-3177629Connection, Fuel Block Assy
PN-3177638Cylinder Block, K38
PN-3177770Core, Aftercooler K38
PN-3177812Support, Engine K50
PN-3178076Gasket, Gear Housing
PN-3178457Washer KT
PN-3178583Tube, Water Outlet K38
PN-3178585Tube, Water Inlet K38
PN-3178725Support, Instrument Panel
PN-3178802Cylinder Block, K38
PN-3178947Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap KT38
PN-3178988Gasket K38C
PN-3179021Screw, Banjo Connector KTA50
PN-3179027Gasket, Housing K19
PN-3179035Gasket, Water Transfer K38
PN-3179663Nozzle, Cooling Piston PLEASE USE 3179664
PN-3179664Nozzle, Cooling Piston K50/K38
PN-3179944Pulley, Accsessory Drive Assy
PN-3200069Bracket, Check Valve
PN-3200070Bracket, Check Valve KT
PN-3200178Tube, KTA19
PN-3200220Tube, Fuel Supply KTAM500
PN-3200273Tube K19
PN-3200287Seal, Keyway KT1150
PN-3200308Connection, Filter
PN-3200316Hose, Intercooler KTA19M
PN-3200386Clamp, K19
PN-3200387Clamp, K19
PN-3200405Tube, Fuel Supply KTAM500
PN-3200413Cover, Cam Follower KT
PN-3200425Tube, Fuel Drain KTAM500
PN-3200706Clamp, K19
PN-3200709Oil Pan, K19
PN-3200754Stud, K19
PN-3200783Cover, Air Intake K19M
PN-3200882Connection, Sea Water K19M
PN-3200884Connection, Sea Water K19M
PN-3200934Plug, K19
PN-3200965Head, Filter K19
PN-3200977Gasket, Oil Pump K19
PN-3200983Housing, Side Cover K19
PN-3200987Cover, Oil Cooler K19-TC4021
PN-3200988Cover, Oil Cooler K19
PN-3201060Cover, Hand Control
PN-3201115Tube, Fuel Supply KTA500M
PN-3201117Stud, K19
PN-3201119Pump, Oil K-19 =3047549
PN-3201125Seal K19
PN-3201155Cooler, Oil K19M
PN-3201188Link, Adj.
PN-3201228Pulley, Idler
PN-3201251Tube, Air AFC KTAM500
PN-3201263Cover, Hand Control
PN-3201264Cover, Hand Control KT
PN-3201311Guide K19
PN-3201384Tubing K19
PN-3201401Tube, Aftercooler K19M
PN-3201451Fuel Pump, KT1150-C450 PT(G)
PN-3201457PT(G) Pump KT19
PN-3201517Gasket, Rocker Housing
PN-3201609Cover, Flange, Steering Pump
PN-3201643Housing, Side Cover K19M
PN-3201644Housing, Oil Cooler K19M
PN-3201660Fuel Pump, KT1150-C450 PT(G)-VS
PN-3201676PT Pump PT(G) AFC KTA19
PN-3201737Tube, Fuel drain KTAM500
PN-3201739Shaft, Bearing Engine
PN-3201750Fan Hub Assembly KTA19C
PN-3201785Cooler, Oil 10 Plates K19
PN-3201870PT Pump PT(G) VS AFC KTA19
PN-3201884Cover KT
PN-3201909Fuel Pump, KTA19-G2 PT(G) EFC
PN-3201982Connector, Male K19
PN-3201983Elbow, Male Adapter K19
PN-3201988Pump, Water KTA19M with Cast Iron Impeller
PN-3202007Shaft, Water Pump K19
PN-3202040PT Pump PT(G) KTA19
PN-3202045Spacer KT
PN-3202126Brace, Tube K19M
PN-3202127Brace, Tube K19M
PN-3202132Clip, K19M
PN-3202138Tube, Water Transfer K19M
PN-3202153Adapter, Oil Pan K19M
PN-3202155Manifold, Air K19M
PN-3202156Head Filter KT19
PN-3202173Manifold, Exhaust K19
PN-3202210Guide, Valve In / Ex K19/50
PN-3202217Housing, Side Cover K19M
PN-3202240Cylinder Liner K19
PN-3202259Gasket, Pan Adapter KT
PN-3202283Gasket, Water Pump K19
PN-3202303PT Pump PT(G)VS AFC KTA1150
PN-3203694Adapter, Crankshaft KTA19M
PN-3250669Plate, Compressing KT
PN-3250932Wheel, Idle
PN-3251035Pulley Alternator
PN-3253280Adapter, Crankshaft
PN-3253281Spacer, Plate
PN-3277045Spring, K38
PN-3278046Connection, Air Intake
PN-3278682Fuel Pump, KTA38 500KW PT(G)EFC
PN-3279588Fuel Pump, KTA50G1 PTG/VS
PN-3279602Housing, Fuel Pump KTA38
PN-3279627Fuel Pump, K38G
PN-3279715Fuel Pump, KTA38C1200/PTG VS AFC
PN-3279768Fuel Pump, KTA19M500 PT(G)VS AFC
PN-3310169Oil Filter KT
PN-3313306Seperator K19
PN-3326153Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3331667Cooler, Oil K19 =3085956=3804934
PN-3331668Cooler, Oil K19
PN-3347560Crankshaft, K19
PN-3347569Crankshaft, KT19
PN-3347739Housing, Aftercooler K19
PN-3348330Valve, Fuel Shutoff KT
PN-3349860Nozzle, Pump. STC KTA50-G3
PN-3376220Indicator with Plate K19
PN-3376592Wrench Torque
PN-3376601Tool Engine Barring Mechanism K19
PN-3390116Kit, Water Pump KTA-19M
PN-3393349Connection, Hose
PN-3400698Alternator, 100 AMP. 24V
PN-3401970Gasket, Adapter Oil Pan K19
PN-3402038Connection, Male
PN-3402309Kit, Connector K19M (JV) =PT3402038+145540
PN-3408323Actuator, Governor
PN-3408329Actuator, Governor
PN-3408504Actuator, Governor
PN-3408506Actuator, Governor
PN-3410054Shaft, Water Pump TLA K19
PN-3418553Connecting Rod, K19 =3811995
PN-3418761Crossover, Air Intake
PN-3418788Valve, EXH. KTA19
PN-3418857Lever, Rocker K19
PN-3418862Adapter, Oil Pan K19M =3202153
PN-3418887Bolt, Coupling KT
PN-3418898Crankshaft, K19 =3096362
PN-3418910Crankshaft Assembly K19G2 with Gear and Key
PN-3418959Bolt, KT
PN-3418998Damper, Vibration K38
PN-3419033Adapter, K19
PN-3419120Connecting Rod, K38C
PN-3419199Pulley, Fan
PN-3419205Pulley, Accs. Drive
PN-3419317Link, Adj.
PN-3419328Plate, Compressing Safety KT
PN-3419329Pipe, Air Inlet
PN-3419406Fuel Pump, KTA38C1200/PTG VS AFC
PN-3419417Fuel Pump, KTTA38C-1200HP
PN-3419429Fuel Pump, KTA38C
PN-3419453Fuel Pump, KT1150-GM
PN-3419456Fuel Pump, KT1150M-500HP
PN-3419458Fuel Pump, KTTA50G3 800KW
PN-3419466Fuel Pump, KTA19C
PN-3419468Fuel Pump, KTA19-G2 300KW
PN-3419472Fuel Pump, KTA2300-P1050
PN-3419717Fuel Pump, KTA2300-C1200
PN-3419763Connecting Rod, KTTA38 PLEASE USE 3632225
PN-3502449Seal, Rectangular, Turbo HC5A
PN-3504967Washer, Plain Turbo KTTA19
PN-3519336Wheel, Turbocharger
PN-3519489Impeller, Compressor HT3B
PN-3519535Nut, Lock Turbo HC5A
PN-3519623Collar, Turbo HC5A
PN-3519627Bearing, Turbo HC5A
PN-3519641Ring, Rataining, Turbo HC5A
PN-3519762Gasket, K19
PN-3520933Bearing, Housing KTA19
PN-3521033Turbo Wheel W/Shaft KTA19
PN-3521034Turbo Wheel W/Shaft KTA19
PN-3521080Housing, Compressor HT3B
PN-3521174Turbine Housing, KTA19 HC5A
PN-3521225Bolt, Turbine Housing K19
PN-3521265Housing, Turbocharger K38C
PN-3521442Seal, Ring Turbo HC5A
PN-3521918Impeller, Compressor HC5A
PN-3521919Housing, Compressor Turbo HC5A
PN-3522631Clamp, V Band Turbo KTTA19
PN-3522904Lockplate, Turbo HC5A
PN-3522911Housing, Turbine KTA38C 1200
PN-3522914Housing, Turbine KTA38 800
PN-3522921Housing, Turbine KT19 HC5A
PN-3523306Bearing, Turbo Thrust HC5A
PN-3523393Turbocharger KTA50, HX80
PN-3523412Seal, Split Ring HC5A
PN-3523420Impeller, Compressor KTA50 1600
PN-3523423Compressor Housing, KTA50 1600
PN-3523450Impeller, Compressor Trubo HC5A
PN-3523542Collar, K19
PN-3523546Impeller, KT
PN-3523553Impeller, Compressor KTA19
PN-3523590Turbocharger HC5A
PN-3523613Bearing, K19
PN-3523702Impeller, Turbine HX80
PN-3523850Turbocharger KTA19, HC5A
PN-3523980Oil Slinger, Turbo K19
PN-3524065Housing, Turbine KTA50 1600
PN-3524418Shim, Turbo HC5A
PN-3524419Oil Baffle, Turbo K19
PN-3524421Diffuser KTA50 1600
PN-3524442Turbocharger, HC5A
PN-3524450Turbocharger KTA38, HC5A
PN-3524451Turbocharger KTA38, HC5A
PN-3524632Turbocharger, HC5A
PN-3524819Turbocharger, HC5A
PN-3524841Housing, Compressor HX80
PN-3524861Compressor Housing, KTA19
PN-3524862Diffuser KTA19
PN-3524961Housing, Compressor HC5A
PN-3524996Impeller, K19
PN-3525073Screw, Diffuser K19
PN-3525076Housing, Compresor HC5
PN-3525504Turbocharger KTA19, HC5A
PN-3525546Compressor Housing, KTA19
PN-3525556Housing, Turbo HC5A
PN-3525998Turbocharger, HT4C
PN-3526149Turbine Wheel & Shaft PLEASE USE 3521034
PN-3526150Turbine Wheel & Shaft PLEASE USE 3521034
PN-3526985Thrust Bearing K19
PN-3527347Diffuser, Turbo HX80
PN-3527348Diffuser, Turbo HX80
PN-3527369Housing, Compressor HX80
PN-3528222Turbocharger K50
PN-3529372Lock Nut, V-Band Clamp, Turbo K19
PN-3533135Actuator, Governor
PN-3533703Wheel, Compressor HX80
PN-3534201Housing, Turbocharger HC5A PLEASE USE 3521174
PN-3534243Turbocharger, HX80
PN-3537102Turbocharger, HX80 PLEASE USE 3804863
PN-3539284Turbocharger HX80 PLEASE USE 3804863
PN-3545469Cartridge, Turbo
PN-3545576Cartridge, Turbo
PN-3545647Turbocharger Repair Kit =3801169 HC5A
PN-3558813Washer, Plain K38
PN-3594040Turbocharger, HX80
PN-3594060Turbocharger, HC5A
PN-3594072Turbocharger, HC5A
PN-3594096Turbocharger, K19
PN-3594117Turbocarger, HX80
PN-3594131Turbocarger, HX80
PN-3594134Turbocarger, HX80
PN-3594145Turbocarger, HX80
PN-3594163Turbocarger, HX80
PN-3594555Housing, Turbo Bearing, HX80
PN-3597935Housing, Turbine, HX80
PN-3597942Housing, Turbine, HX80
PN-3600764Valve, Exhaust K
PN-3603629Valve, Exhaust K
PN-3626493Hose, KT =3177020
PN-3626494Connecting Rod, KTTA38 PLEASE USE 3632225
PN-3626715Core, Aftercooler KT38/50
PN-3626724Damper, K38
PN-3626804Nut, Lock KTA38
PN-3626952Shaft, Water Pump K38
PN-3627083Pump, Water K38
PN-3627084Pump, Water K50/K38
PN-3627095Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap
PN-3627295Cooler, Oil K38-19 Plates
PN-3627309Adapter, K19
PN-3627395Cooler, Oil K-Series
PN-3627449Seal, O-ring
PN-3627681Bearing, Spacer
PN-3627693Adapter, Male
PN-3627694Union, Male
PN-3627697Union, Male
PN-3627702Connection, Male
PN-3627703Connection, Male T Type
PN-3627961Seal, Thermostat KT
PN-3628407Gasket, Head K19 PLEASE USE 3166288
PN-3628452Screw, Cap Hex Cylinder Block K38
PN-3628650Damper, KTA50/K38
PN-3628652Vibration Damper KTA
PN-3628750Switch, KT
PN-3628755Housing, Camfollower, Level
PN-3628756Housing, Camfollower, Level
PN-3628823Gear, Idler. KTTA38
PN-3628889Hose, Flexible
PN-3628895Seal, Oil, Sea Water Pump K19
PN-3628902Washer, Plain
PN-3628931Tube, Fuel KT
PN-3629006Spring, Valve KTTA =205208
PN-3629051Manifold, Exhaust Wet K50M
PN-3629052Manifold, Exhaust Wet K50M
PN-3629053Manifold, Exhaust Wet K50M
PN-3629065Cover, Water Head KT
PN-3629066Cover, Water Head KT
PN-3629140Gasket, Valve Cover KT
PN-3629161Harness, KT
PN-3629205Themostat KT
PN-3629408Connection, Fuel Block
PN-3629537Housing, Lever
PN-3629538Housing, Lever
PN-3629786Pump, Water KT38 =3050443=3069600
PN-3630024Connecting Rod, K38 =PLEASE USE 3632225
PN-3630113Hose, Flexible
PN-3630115Hose, Flexible
PN-3630117Hose, Flexible
PN-3630119Hose, Flexible
PN-3630257Manifold, Exhaust K38
PN-3630258Manifold, **Turbo Mount is 90 Degrees K38
PN-3630260Manifold, End Piece KT38
PN-3630271Fuel Pump, KTA50-M800
PN-3630545Adapter, Oil Pan K38
PN-3630553Manifold, Exhaust K38
PN-3630681Seal, Oil Rear KT
PN-3630740Head, Fuel Filter K38
PN-3630741Head, Fuel Filter
PN-3630839Gasket, Housing
PN-3630864Hose, Flexible
PN-3630865Hose, Flexible
PN-3630866Hose, Flexible
PN-3630867Hose, Flexible
PN-3630969Gasket, Oil Cooler KT
PN-3630969Gasket, Oil Housing
PN-3630991Support, Accessory Drive KT
PN-3631163Screw, Hex Flange Head Cap KTA50
PN-3631241Piston Kit KT 3096685+205200+205268
PN-3631242Piston Kit. K19M
PN-3631243Piston Kit KT 3096683+205200+205269
PN-3631244Piston Kit KT 3070706+205200+205270
PN-3631245Piston Kit KT 3070707+205200+205271
PN-3631246Piston Kit KT 3036073+205200+205272
PN-3631248Ring Set, KTA38 PLEASE USE 4089500
PN-3631295Hose, Flexible
PN-3631871Fuel Pump, KTA38-G5
PN-3632206Hose, Flexible
PN-3632225Connecting Rod, K38=3419763
PN-3633046Seal, Ferrule
PN-3634007Seal, Water Pump K38
PN-3634029Pump, Water K38
PN-3634033Pump, Water
PN-3634049Shaft, Water Pump K38
PN-3634146Seal, Water Pump K38
PN-3634522Hose, Flexible
PN-3635063Pump, Water K38
PN-3635074Core, Assy Oil Cooler KT38
PN-3635807Pump, Water K38
PN-3637966Cooler, Oil
PN-3654718Module, Electronic Control KT
PN-3655046Manifold, Exhaust Wet K19M=PT3036088.J.V.
PN-3655096Pulley, Accessory Drive KT
PN-3655104Fuel Pump, KTA19-L600
PN-3655116Fuel Pump, KTA19C 20T Crane
PN-3655132Gasket, KT
PN-3655211Connector, Dipstick NT K19
PN-3655222Core, Magnetic Oil Pan K19
PN-3655246Manifold, Exhaust Wet K19 PLEASE USE 3078024
PN-3655256Crossover, Air Intake
PN-3655257Crossover, Air Intake
PN-3655286Fuel Pump, KTA2300-G
PN-3655704Pulley, Adj KT
PN-3655705Retainer, Bearing KT
PN-3655713Sleeve, KT
PN-3655774Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3655836Pulley, Crankshaft KT
PN-3655839Pulley, Alternator KT
PN-3655897Crossover, Air Intake
PN-3655947Wheel, Idle
PN-3655948Wheel, Idle
PN-3655984Flywheel Assembly With Gear K19
PN-3655989Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-3655991Pulley, Alternator
PN-3655993Fuel Pump, KTA19G2 300KW
PN-3755843Gasket, Turbo
PN-3800728Gasket Set, Upper KT19
PN-3800730Gasket Set, Upper KTA38
PN-3801005Gasket Set K19 Upper
PN-3801006Gasket Set, Lower
PN-3801007Gasket Set, Lower KTA19
PN-3801076Kit, Air Compressor K38
PN-3801077Gasket Set, Lower K19
PN-3801195Shaft, Water Pump K19
PN-3801246Ring Set, Piston KTA38
PN-3801279Kit, Cap, Bearing K19
PN-3801436Piston Assembly K19 PLEASE USE 3803315
PN-3801580Turbocharger, HX80 KT50
PN-3801607Kit, Compressor K19
PN-3801669Kit, Turbocharger Repair KTTA
PN-3801689Turbocharger, K19
PN-3801728Kit, Unloader, Major, Air Compressor
PN-3801792Kit, Compressor K19
PN-3801884Kit, Turbocharger K38
PN-3801885Turbocharger K38
PN-3803013Turbocharger K38
PN-3803119Turbocharger HC5A
PN-3803153Kit, Water Pump KTA19
PN-3803231Turbocharger, K19
PN-3803256Turbocharger HX80
PN-3803257Kit, Turbocharger Repair HC5A
PN-3803285Kit, Water Pump K38
PN-3803314Piston Assembly W/Pin & Retainer ,14.5:1
PN-3803315Piston Assembly W/Pin & Retainer ,15.5:1
PN-3803452Turbocharger HC5A
PN-3803472Ring Set, KTTA19 PLEASE USE 3631248
PN-3803515Valve, Intake
PN-3803518Valve, Intake KTTA Premium
PN-3803528Valve, Exhaust KT19
PN-3803529Valve, Exhaust KT19
PN-3803530Piston Assembly
PN-3803597Gasket Set, Head K19
PN-3803598Gasket Set, Upper KT-19
PN-3803852Seal, Cover KT38
PN-3803930Piston, Air Compressor STD. K19
PN-3803932Piston, Air Compressor 0.020 K19
PN-3803994Magnetic Pick Up PLEASE USE 3034572
PN-3804296Gasket Set, Head PLEASE USE 3803598
PN-3804298Gasket Set, Upper PLEASE USE 3803600
PN-3804299Gasket Set, KTA50
PN-3804300Gasket Set, KTA50
PN-3804301Gasket Set, Lower K38
PN-3804571Ring Set, KTTA38 PLEASE USE 4089500
PN-3804698Turbocharger HC5A
PN-3804746Piston K19M
PN-3804811Turbocharger HX80
PN-3804934Cooler, Oil KT1150
PN-3804935Kit, Cooler KTA-19 (JV)
PN-3804958Housing, Side Cover K19M =3016077=3201643=3201644=3202217
PN-3811921Block, Cylinder KT1150 12 HOLES
PN-3811986Cylinder Head, KTTA PREMIUM#2 **WITH 3081081 ROTATOR
PN-3811987Cylinder Head, KTTA **WITH 3081081 ROTATOR
PN-3811988Cylinder Head, KTTA
PN-3811994Connecting Rod, Piston
PN-3811995Connecting Rod, Piston
PN-3818267Hose, Flexible KTTA38
PN-3818843Gasket, K19
PN-3819378Gasket, K19
PN-3819407Plate, Pulley, Crank K19
PN-3819725Clamp, Hose KTA38
PN-3820186Screw, K19
PN-3820665Hose, K19
PN-3820749Plug, Orifice K19
PN-3866152Aftercooler Assembly, KTTA38
PN-3866638Tube, Aftercooler KTTA19
PN-3882346Tube, K19
PN-3882885Washer, K19
PN-3882922Screw, K19
PN-3883217Screw, K19
PN-3883223Isolator, Noise K19
PN-3883324Pulley, Drive K19
PN-3883472Gasket, K19
PN-3883963Seal, O-ring
PN-3899014Fuel Pump, KTA1150-G2/G2M
PN-3950453Impeller, Water Pump K38
PN-4009247Pin, Camfollower K38
PN-4009248Pin, Camfollower K38
PN-4009442Level, Idle
PN-4019774Heat Exchanger, KTA19
PN-4024767Liner, K19=A3202240=3028122
PN-4024779Kit, Liner Seal K19
PN-4025013Turbocharger HX80
PN-4025016Turbocharger HC5A
PN-4057646Bracket, Idle Pulley
PN-4060702Hub, Fan Assy K38G
PN-4060703Hub, Fan K38G
PN-4061039Pulley, Crankshaft
PN-4061117Cover, Hand Control
PN-4061128Cover, Hand Control
PN-4061174Cover, Hand Control
PN-4067518Idler Wheel, Pulley
PN-4081087Body, Water Pump K19
PN-4081095Pump, Water K19
PN-4089247Ring Set, KTA19
PN-4089302Pump, Water K50=A3627084
PN-4089391Gasket Set, Lower KTA19
PN-4089500Ring Set, KTA19 / KTTA38
PN-4095096Cooler, Oil QSK19
PN-4095097Cooler, Oil KTA19
PN-4101030Aftercooler, QSK60
PN-4101032Aftercooler, QSK45
PN-4910355Core, Aftercooler
PN-1900VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves KTTA19
PN-3021692VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves KTTA19
PN-3081070VCylinder Head Assembly With Valves KTA
PN-3088393 KITValve, Intake K19
PN-3176619VCylinder Head, K19 W/Valves =3021691+3021692
PN-43828AClamp, Hose
PN-43828BClamp, Hose
PN-43828CClamp, Hose
PN-43828FClamp, Hose K19M
PN-67012-1Spacer, Fan
PN-69911AConnection, Pipe KTTA38
PN-AR10680Ring Set, KT19 PLEASE USE 4089500
PN-AR11475Valve, Regulator. KT38
PN-AR12250Bearing Set, Main KTTA38 STD.
PN-AR12251Bearing Set, Main KTTA38 0.010
PN-AR12252Bearing Set, Main KTTA38 0.020
PN-AR12253Bearing Set, Main KTTA38 0.030
PN-AR12270Bearing Set, Main KTA19 STD.
PN-AR12271Bearing Set, Main KTA19 0.010 O/S +0.25 mm
PN-AR12272Bearing Set, Main KTA19 0.020 O/S +0.50 mm
PN-AR12273Bearing Set, Main KTA19 0.030 O/S +0.75 mm
PN-AR12387Pump, Oil KTA38 =AR12388
PN-AR12388Pump, Oil KTA38 =AR12387
PN-IK3070706Inframe Kit, KT1150
PN-IK3070707Inframe Kit, KT1150
PN-KTA19C.LBLong Block, KTA19
PN-KTA19C.SBShort Block, KTA19C
PN-KTA38C.LBLong Block, KTTA38
PN-KTA38C.SBShort Block, KTTA38C
PN-MX321Regulator, AVR
PN-OK3070706Overhaul Kit, KT1150
PN-OK3070707Overhaul Kit, KT1150
PN-S119Bolt, K38
PN-S16002Bearing, Water Pump
PN-S16069Bearing, Water Pump
PN-SX440Regulator, AVR
PN-SX460Regulator, AVR
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